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Comment Re:Don't (Score 1) 217 217

But he used vague requirements so not to give enough information for an actual informed decision.

Which is the perfect situation to employ a consultant. Outcome 1: he'll ask the right questions, get accurate answers because management know the requirements, and it'll be a success. Outcome 2..N: it'll be a disaster but it won't be your fault.

Excellent answer and the bit about covering your rear is priceless.

I have consulted on issues like this and there are multiple solutions some relatively simple and others complex, but a backup solution for half a petabyte of data is not going to come cheap so obviously any professional consultant will also want to cover themselves as well.

If a project has not been raised with all input being documented, milestones set and sign-off for all steps no professional consultant would want to touch this. Sure you can jury rig a solution and it may work but if anything goes wrong then whoever is perceived to be guiding this is effectively going to be looking for a new job.

Here are some very basic questions a consultant is going to ask and don't think these can be answered in a simple sentance:

  1. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
  2. What amount and type of data do you really want to backup?
  3. Do you want daily, weekly monthly, yearly or other types of backups? What type of backups do you want them to be?
  4. What do you want your backup window to be?
  5. What do you want your recovery window to be?

The above is just the start of the questions and there are going to be many many more before that will require detailed answers before any recommendation is reached with regard to equipment, installation, maintenance as well as backup, storage and and recovery strategies. This takes time and everyone wants to cover their rear so sign-off for important steps (ie. milestones) are essential.

Comment Re:You need to try Nethack, then (Score 1) 195 195

This tempts me to raise the side question about whether games today are more fun. I don't mean slicker, with infinitely better graphics and so on. I mean more FUN. What makes a 50GB game more fun than an old 200kB game?

It depends on what types of games you like to play.

Personally I like a mix of Action/Adventure and RPG's so even old NES games like Zelda (131kB) or Faxanadu (262kB) are still fun to play although they do take quite allot of time to finish. Lets not get started on SNES and Sega games which were normally of the order of a few hundred kB to a max of 5MB. You can get older style PC games which are are less than a few MB and are great fun to play.

Many people today can afford a HDTV or even a larger monitor especially in first world countries so games have increased in size and graphics quality and in some respect decreased in play time although that is subjective and dependent on the games you like. For example if you are into on-line shooters you could spend hundreds of hours playing, however the single play mode if it has one may be very short. On the other hand RPG's like Skyrim which is single player only and no on-line component except for DLC addon's can take well over a 100 hours to complete and that is assuming you are just doing the main story line and not getting sidetracked which IMHO is very easy to do.

Of course there are MMO's which may have anything from mediocre to very high quality graphics which can gobble up hundreds if thousands of hours of time and are surprisingly small (a few GB initially) in size although that does depend on the game.

Comment Re:yep, it's a silly question. (Score 1) 297 297

If a hard drive failure means days of down time then someone is not doing their job properly. In the case of an office copy machine it is possible to have it down for days while you wait for the tech to appear but it also possible to print to alternative machines assuming there are some and if there aren't again that is a major management problem.

In the case of PC's a base OS install be it MS Windows or even Linux should take no more than an hour or two and possibly much less than an hour with the right recovery/rebuild infrastructure, of course getting back lost data can be a major problem and that is the responsibility of the PC owner.

On corporate systems the system disks are normally mirrored and data disks are usually RAID even in a SAN configuration so if a disk fails or start to fail the hardware tech usually just takes the faulty or failing disk out and replaces it with a new disk (no outage required) although it is always sound policy for the IT manager to raise a change request and get it signed off by management.

Comment Re:When it's quite inconvenient... (Score 1) 297 297

Actually if you have a hard drive crash you probably did not take notice of the warning signs.

When a drive is failing you should get plenty of warnings such are performance issues and a quick check of the drive should show that something is wrong. The problem here is most people have no idea how to check the performance of a hard drive much less be aware that there is a problem that is only going to get worse before the disk finally gives out and by then it's too late.

A few months ago I had my system disk hard drive start to fail on my laptop (it originally had 2 650GB 2.5" 5400 rpm drives) I ran some checks using the SMART tools and found that my my drive was failing which immediately prompted me to purchase a new 1TB 8200rpm HDD and install it after I had fully backed up my old disk.

Since I have a pure Linux system (Fedora 22) it was actually quicker to rebuild my new hard disk from scratch which meant installing the OS, customizing, patching and then recovering my user data. The install of the OS took about 30 minutes with customization and patching taking another 40 minutes and by that time I had a working system although it did take another 5 hours to get back my data. Since I replaced my original 5400 rpm disk with an 8200 rpm disk the performance of my laptop is so much better.

BTW. I am aware of SSD's and decided not to get one since I would need a minimum of 650GB and an SSD of that size is not cheap. Also with my new disk most applications are open withing 10 seconds compared to maybe 1 second with an SSD and it won't kill me to wait a few extra seconds. I do recommend a small SSD for just for the system disk if you have a PC with has multiple disk slots. IMHO putting personal data (that includes games) on an SSD show that you have more money then sense, still it is your money.

Basically anyone who has a PC or even a mainframe should document their customization's such as wireless info, user info, firewall (if any) info, additional software info, etc. You should also be aware of any disk configuration such as partitioning, possibly volume management and file system type. Lastly you should always Backup, Backup, Backup .... :-) If you have a hard disk or even a solid state disk it is eventually going to fail. How long before it fails? Well how long is a piece of string?

Comment Re: Weird (Score 1) 98 98

I got a day one PS3 and in the instruction booklet it showed you how to swap out your hard drive for a different sized one.

While I have not purchased a PS4 yet for numerous reasons you can also change it's hard drive without voiding the warranty. So basically the 1TB PS4 is a standard PS4 with a 1TB disk and if you look at the price between a 500GB disk and a 1TB disk there is about a $10 to $20 difference and in OEM quantities you would probably be looking at a few dollars. Still when the new 1TB PS4 becomes available I think we are most likely looking at an increase of approximately $50.00. I could be wrong and it may even be possible it could be the same price as the 500GB PS4 but I doubt it. Still even if the price is about $50.00 dearer it would most likely be worth it rather then purchase a 1TB drive later and swap the 500GB one.

Comment Re:That's stupid (Score 1) 104 104

Yes you are right Apple do make their brand however so do other vendors. What apple and the other vendors don't control although they do have some say are the carriers and if an update is released IOS or Android then it is up to the carriers to push it out.

There are other vendors that sell Android phones and so far it is only the Samsung brand that has the issue and not the Linux kernel, so basically it is a Samsung problem.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 0) 204 204

It's bad enough that the game will be crippled by design thanks to compatibility with the underpowered "next get" train wrecks. No need to add even more ballast to waste resources.

Oh dear another golden haired gaming elite! Well if you wish to compare the "next gen" to train wrecks then I am sure over a billion people on this planet would disagree with you since most PC owners don't have anything more powerful than those next gen machines. Sure there are PC's that are more powerful but they are very much in the minority and they definitely cost allot more.

Over a 160 million combined PS3's and Xbox 360 sales and assuming only 30% are still being played then that still is allot of potential sales you are basically throwing away, still it's Bethesda we are talking about.

Submission + - Microsoft to Release Low-Cost Windows 10 with Bing Branding

jones_supa writes: Linux-based Chromebooks have experienced a huge growth in sales during the last couple of years, so much that Microsoft is getting nervous. The company is working with partners to bring cheaper devices to the market, and part of this plan is Windows 10 with Bing, a special version of the new operating system that would only be addressed to original equipment manufacturers. This low-price basic version of Windows comes with hardcoded Bing branding, although the search engine can be changed by the user. Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be installed on as many devices as possible, and the company's roadmap expects 1 billion PCs, tablets, and smartphones to be running it until 2017. The build for Raspberry Pi 2 is still in the works as well.

Submission + - Surveillance Camera Powered by Ordinary Wi-Fi Broadcasts->

An anonymous reader writes: The task of fitting a security camera on an external wall or a temperature sensor in an attic immediately runs into the question of how to run a power cable to the device or to arrange for batteries to be replaced on a regular basis.

Even more ambitiously, the UW group also connected a camera to their antenna. This was a low-power Omnivision VGA sensor capable of producing 174 x 144 pixel black and white images, which requires 10.4 milliJoules of energy per picture.

To store energy, they attached a low leakage capacitor to the camera, which activates when the capacitor is charged to 3.1V and continues operating until the voltage drops to 2.4 Volts. The images were stored in a 64 KB non-volatile ferroelectric random access memory. This whole system was powered by only WiFi signals.

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Submission + - Secret Aerial FBI Program Uncovered By 23-Year-Old Journalist->

sharkbiter writes: The story was first reported by Sam Richards who put out information under the twitter handle @MinneapoliSam. The 23-year-old independent journalist first published the story of the FBI surveillance program on the website Medium on May 26.

His story featured screen grabs from showing the circular routes the low-flying planes took over not just Minneapolis, but cities including New York, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix and Dallas.

Richards said his investigation began when his friend noticed the low-flying suspicious flight and showed him the screen grab.

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Comment Re:Odd thoughts: (Score 2) 285 285

Well, when you're typing out Unix commands on an teletype that's 80 characters wide, creating short options first made a lot of sense.

Graphical interfaces have been around since the 1970's and on workstations or any graphical interface you can display the equivalent of a standard 80x24 tty terminal or any sized terminal (within reason of course) so that was not the reason why creating so called short options made sense. Basically Unix people preferred efficiency in typing over long winded typing. As an example why type "copy" when you can type "cp" or "ls" when you wish to list files and directories. You can even alias commands and their options if you are using them allot so there is even less typing to do.

You should realise that Powershell is basically a copy of the Bourne Shell with allot of Microsoft additions so that they can say this is our unique command line shell.

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