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Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 684

Actually living there is not as hard as it would seem once you have enough infrastructure in place. And that is just a matter of time and money, nothing more.

Yes we all know that money grows on trees although in some cases it actually does.

Personally I would like to see manned space exploration kicked up a notch but lets be practical here, you really do have to take costs into account. No country the US included can afford to keep spending billions of dollars just sending a few people in to space. The closest orbiting body around our planet is our moon and it is very feasible with our current technology to build one or more habitable outposts on it. Sure that does not have the so called "appeal" of sending people to Mars but it is massively cheaper and is a great jumping off point for further manned space exploration.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 684

I think the need to take your oxygen with you and the requirement to have decent anti radiation shielding not to mention food is considerably different to the conditions the crew and passengers on a sailing ship a couple of hundred years ago experienced, were the main things they had to worry about was food and hope that they did not sink. At least a space ship can't sink although it could implode or even crash on landing.

Comment Re:So basically (Score 1) 684

So basically, it would be exactly like the passage to the New World was, only a) without gravity, b) with far better entertainment and medical options, and c) you can actually phone home.

The New World explorers did not have to worry about air and anti-radiation shielding although they did have to worry about drowning and being attacked by natives and wild animals. Of course advanced shipping and weaponry usually sorted out those problems out.

Comment Re:Why not the moon first? (Score 1) 684

Colonizing the moon first sounds like the reasonable choice...

It's not just a reasonable choice, it a very feasible and relatively cheap compared to a Mars colonization mission. Having one or more permanent colonies on the moon allows for resupply and/or evacuation if needed within a few days. With Mars any issues can take months before there is any possibility of help and by then we just have allot of dead colonists and I am quite sure the there will be much negative press about that.

Colonization of the moon also provides the added benefit as a great jumping off point for further manned space travel.

Comment Re:No one is asking YOU (Score 1) 684

I don't mind if people want to go although it would be nice to hold a funeral service prior to them leaving.

If we as a species cannot create livable habitats on our moon and have people living there for a reasonable amount of time then what chance would so called Mars colonists have. At least with our moon living on it is feasible with our current technology and it would be a great jumping off point for future maned space exploration.

Please don't think I am against space exploration, I am definitely all for it but I do think the so called Mars colonization idea stems from reading too many Sci Fi books and not enough science and engineering ones. There is a huge difference between our "Age of Exploration" and Space Exploration since on our planet we have an atmosphere and although many explorers did die they did not die through lack of oxygen or have any reason to take it with them unless they drowned or were killed by hostile natives or animals.

Comment Re:Just as good as rooting an android? (Score 1) 241

I run Chrome as my main browser under Fedora 22 and have access via the store to a huge variety of applications and add blockers and flash control are just two of the content blocking features. Using Flashblock, Ghostery and AdBlock actually keeps my PC running quite allot cooler although to be fair it is the blocking of flash adds that keeps my CPU temperature down. From what I can gather flash adverts target CPU 0 and even though my load average is less than one it is nothing unusual for my CPU temperature up over 90 degrees C (I have an i7) which means the fan goes ballistic.

With blocking on my CPU temperature is now 56~58 deg C which is normal for my i7 (I have an original one).

For those interested I am currently blocking 6 trackers and 3 adverts even though I opted out of adds. To be fair I have never really had an issue with adds on Slashdot, however on some sites and please keep your mind out of the gutter :-) I have seen AdBlock block over 50 adds on a single page. I did originally use "Flashcontrol" since flash adds were a real annoyance to me but some sites got around that by forwarding me to the add sites. How to piss off a user.

Comment Re:There's still no magnetosphere (Score 1) 261

Gravity on Mars is only 38% of the Earth's and has no magnetic field to absorb/reflect radiation form the sun so even if you created an atmosphere it would not be anywhere as thick as what humans are use to. Living on Mars is possible but it would not be that much different than if we colonized our moon since we would still have to live in shielded shelters and wear protective gear when going outside.

That said I am not against space exploration and even colonization of space but lets build on science facts and not some SiFi pipe dream. I think the main attraction, although that is subjective of using nuclear weapons is that they make a big bang and do have a wow factor.

Comment Re:Wait, other countries have 8000 mb/s? (Score 1) 229

Err! I think you mean 8Mb/sec or Eight Mega bits per second although I somehow doubt you actually meant 8Gb/sec since very few people would have access to those speeds. The "8000 mb/s" you wrote really translates to Eight bits per second which is kind of slow, even Morse Code over 100 years ago is faster then that. This is a technical forum and not using the correct terminology or forgetting to use the "Shift" key is asking for it. :-)

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 588

You are quite right that some people are allergic to certain things such as nuts and even milk to name two. Once diagnosed that they have an allergic reaction to something or an allergy it really is up to the sufferer to to be aware of their condition and how to manage it. In the case of a very young sufferer they either don't attend a normal school or stay at home and have tutoring there although that can be a abused, hence the need for two or more medical examiners.

As for someone being allergic to WiFi either they are either lying or have some other problem, usually psychosomatic but if this type of allergy is true then they are destined for a very short life since WiFi is pretty much everywhere in most cities around the world and I can't see it being removed for one or two people.

As an aside I wonder if the child's parents have a WiFi router at home or do they have smart phones.?

Good grief it won't be long before we have litigation on the dangers of mobile phone usage and how dangerous it is to be speaking on one when you are filling you car with fuel... Oh Wait!

Comment Re:Better than evil command line Linux! (Score 1) 163

At least Lenovo gives you a GUI with Windows 8. On EVIL COMMAND LINE LINUX you're stuck with bad evil hard-to-use command lines. You should be thankful that Lenovo gives you this extra software as a bonus instead of forcing you to use an EVIL command line!

The troll is strong with this one or is this sarcasm.

Comment Re:dual booting linux and .... (Score 1) 163

Personally I have found dual booting is pointless since unless you really steel yourself you end up predominately using the Microsoft OS which for avid gamers this is still the best OS (debatable) to use since "Games for Windows" are designed to be run on a Microsoft OS. Of course you could use Wine but that is debatable as well.

If you require a Microsoft OS for your work the assuming the PC is belongs to your work then you have no choice although you may be able to run a Linux distribution in a virtual machine. For home use the best choice would be to run a Microsoft OS and run Linux in a virtual machine or you could do it the other way around. For me I run Linux only on my PC's and never run a Microsoft OS since I am not a PC gamer although I do like gaming and I can pretty much find, normally free applications that are at least on par with most applications that run under a Microsoft OS.

Comment Re:Simple, no malice from Lenovo (Score 1) 163

I have two HP laptops and except for changing the thermal paste on my gaming laptop I have never had any problems. I don't even get adds or annoying popups but then again I have never ran a Microsoft OS on them. My oldest laptop is over six years and still runs the latest version of Fedora (22) without any issues.

One policy I have always set is to turn off auto updates. So while I do see that updates are available I only manually update (GUI or command line although personally I prefer the command line) when it suits me. As for rebooting I only do that after a new kernel is installed and again at my convenience. Updating at least for me is only a minor thing since it does not interfere with what I am doing and I know what I actually am installing or updating.

I do use Chrome as my main browser although I also have Firefox as well as Konqueror and if I feel like it (which I don't). There are other browsers except for Microsoft IE (I am so heart broken - NOT!) that I can also install in minutes. I do run Ghostery which at the moment show's seven trackers at this site being blocked although at some sites I have visited I have seen up to thirty trackers being blocked.

Comment Re:Big Mistake. (Score 1) 167

Anytime you make a cross-platform app, you end up with suckage everywhere. Go native or go home.


That is rubbish. You can develop for multiple platforms and OS's if you have good management and Q & A. Unfortunately many developers that target their applications for multiple platforms don't seem to know how to cross develop properly and that is mainly due to poor management.

Comment Re:Missed opportunity (Score 1, Interesting) 167

Yeah except for the whole fact that almost no developers use Linux or BSD, so all the trade offs made to support those crappy development platforms will hurt the people who use it on real OS's.

Ah the troll is strong with this one.

Well considering well over a billion people on this planet actually use Android (Linux kernel) and IOS (BSD derived) and the number of apps for both platforms is well over a million (including Microsoft ones) I suppose developers have given up and gone to real OS's.

Just on interest what do you consider as a real OS and why?

Comment Re:Education, education, education... (Score 1) 148

1) Make sure users, especially Windows users, are well educated enough to not run things or accept things that pop up in the browser or is sent in an email.

You do realise that trying to educate most MS Windows users is like trying to drain a lake with a colander.

2) Make sure that all users have Adblockers, No-Script etc installed by default. It is more trouble initially, but it gives you a chance to stop and think, and after a while you will have trained yourself and your browser to allow you to do your work with a minimum of pain.

Well I suppose if you are the System Admin but that would be a really thankless job.

3) Always run Windows in a VM under Linux - and make regular, dated backups of the Windows disk images (the VM disk images!). If shit happens, you can quickly go back to a version that works.

Honestly lets be real here. How many MS Windows users would even know how to install a Linux distribution much less run a virtual machine with MS Windows running in it and as for making backups of the virtual images - err lets not go down that path. In fact how many people actually know how to install MS Widows from scratch even though like Linux it is very easy although IMHO Linux is much more logical.

I think the only thing you can do is shake your head and slowly back away but definitely make sure your family and possibly your friends are educated enough not to be caught out by stammers. Diplomacy, patience and a small amount of constructive education are essential here.

BTW. Please don't take this badly, what you have said is quite valid, however we are talking abut the average MS Windows user who may be quite smart in many areas but dumb as a post when it come to basic IT management and security.

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