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Comment Re:Dealing with this mess... (Score 3, Informative) 473

The main point of physically visiting each machine was to leave a note stating, "Do not turn on this machine until further notice." It's all fine and dandy that you shut them down remotely, but how do you prevent the user from coming in the next day and turning the machine back on?

Comment Dealing with this mess... (Score 5, Interesting) 473

We had to deal with this mess today, running around to PCs and flat-out shutting them off. One user that I came across clicked on the link because he "verified that it was from someone in the office." His Outlook outbox had over 34,000 emails ready to send. Quite a mess and we're still cleaning it up. I thought we had learned our lesson with the "I Love You" virus. What's worse is that the spam filter, IPS, Windows firewall, antivirus, and web proxy all failed to stop the attack.

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