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Submission Godot Game Engine 1.1 Released->

goruka writes: After half a year of work, Godot, the most advanced open source self-contained game development environment reached version 1.1. This game engine is a community developed effort to produce an open (and no strings attached) alternative to large commercial software such as Unity and Unreal. This release focuses on improvements to the 2D engine so all features used by modern 2D games are implemented. A video showcase with all the new work is available.
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RIAA Not Sharing Settlement Money With Artists 233

Klatoo55 writes "Various artists are considering lawsuits in order to press for their share of the estimated hundreds of millions of dollars the RIAA has obtained from settlements with services such as Bolt, KaZaA, and Napster. According to TorrentFreak's report on the potential action, there may not even be much left to pay out after monstrous legal fees are taken care of. The comments from the labels all claim that the money is on its way, and is simply taking longer due to difficulties dividing it all up."
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Journal Journal: Meh

That's how I feel.

I've been listening to the Donnie Darko soundtrack a lot, and it makes me feel sad and happy at the same time.

I love that movie. My wife looks like Gretchen (Jena Malone) so maybe that's why.

In other news, I've ordered like 5 Jena Malone movies from eBay.


Journal Journal: Debian treats me good

It's been over a year. I have reinstalled Debian once or twice, but only out of my own free will.

I now have three systems running Woody, and my main desktop system running Sid. It's a joy to use this system... I hope Debian lives forever.

I don't miss Mandrake at all, though I wish them well.

I also do reviews over at XboxAddict.com now too, so check us out if you're into Xbox at all.

Anyhow, yeah. That's my journal entry for 2004.


Journal Journal: New job

I'm no longer a telemarketer as of October 18th, 2003.

I start my new position as help desk technician on Monday.


And so I recorded a new song called "Seven" and it should be up on http://mp3.com/rivir shortly.


Journal Journal: Crap Email

You know what I really hate? The 70 emails I had in my inbox this morning from the latest and greatest email worm that is spreading thanks to all of the Windows users out there who have my email address in their contact list somehow.

It's really wonderful to waste my time and bandwidth downloading this crap, hoping I have some important email in there, but really, I don't.

As if the initial email spam wasn't enough, each one has a 100K file attached to it. Lovely.

Operating Systems

Journal Journal: Blah

I'm really sick of Gentoo users. Wow, congrats, you can run a single command to compile software from source. I DON'T CARE.

Wow, you have gaming-sources! I DON'T CARE. I can download the patch and apply it to my kernel. I've run Mandrake kernels on Debian too. What's the big deal?

It doesn't matter what Linux distro you use. Just because you use Linux doesn't make you better than anyone else, and just because I don't use Gentoo doesn't make me worse than someone else.


Journal Journal: No More Mandrake for DOlson

Well, I've finally gotten "good enough" in Linux to be able to hack at Debian to the point where I am now posting this message from within it.

I had removed FreeBSD 5.0 and put Debian on for a day, just to ensure that I could beat it into submission. And I did.

Now Mandrake is gone, and Debian is in it's place. So I have two Debian installs, really. Soon enough I'll remove the older Debian install and put back on FreeBSD over it.


Journal Journal: FreeBSD 5.0 Final installed and working

I'm posting this from FreeBSD 5.0 Release.

There's still no announcement on /. yet... I don't know why that is, but I'm glad that I didn't have slow download speeds because of it. :)

I sorta like this, except for the fact that I'm at 97% disk usage now!


I can't install any games when all my 2.5GB are filled with BSD software.

What to delete? I don't know...


Journal Journal: WTF?

I just looked at Afrosheen's journal, and my website url appears as his home page url... That confused me for a while. I guess he's trying to get me some hits.

Well, it isn't very effective when the SERVER IS DOWN.

Oh, you can see the mirror here: http://icculus.org/~dolson/mdkxp/


Journal Journal: Journals suck

Journals suck big time. They should give you an option for Journal or Diary.

Oh, and instead of Fans, it should be called Stalkers.

Yeah. If I were running /. it'd be totally different.

If it has syntax, it isn't user friendly.