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+ - Windows Vista to Have Reduced Functionality Mode

Submitted by
dolphinlover writes "Cori Hartje, the director of Microsoft's Genuine Software Initiative made an announcement today regarding a feature that will be included in Windows Vista and Windows Server 'Longhorn' in order to combat piracy. Called the Software Protection Platform, it will severely limit the actions a user can take within the operating system if it has not been activated within 30 days of installation. All features available as part of the 'Premium' or 'Ultimate' editions of Vista will be disabled and only critical security updates will be downloaded for the operating system. Furthermore, user sessions will be limited to one hour before a forced log-off, applications such as Microsoft Office will be rendered inoperable. Product keys may also be revoked; if that occurs, users will have 30 days to remedy the situation before they enter a 'lite' reduced functionality mode whereby only Aero, ReadyBoost, and Windows Defender are disabled, with a non-genuine warning displayed continually at the lower-right of the desktop. With the multiple version tiers available for Vista, Windows Genuine Advantage will also routinely check Windows for tampering, to prevent users from attempting to enable features that were not included in the version they paid for. ArsTechnica has a report on the subject."

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