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Comment: Welcome (Score 2, Interesting) 225 225

My specific comment to this news article and your response is that third party objects always reduce security as they increase features and that is a constant and yes that is not new.

A slight side-note...

You must be new here. Welcome to where you can get news of many varieties. Some is stale dated, some is duplicated but it's all kinda interesting to talk about and that is why most of us like it here.

Because even if the news is old, the discussion at Slashdot is always new! (well at least the higher rated discussions)

Facebook On The Block 250 250

conq writes "BusinessWeek reports that Facebook has turned down an offer for $750 million and is looking for 2 billion dollars. The article speculates that one possible suitor would be Viacom. From the article: 'A Facebook deal would help Viacom founder and Executive Chairman Sumner Redstone fend off a growing challenge from News Corp. The media conglomerate run by Rupert Murdoch has poured enormous resources into the Internet during the last year. It acquired social-networking pioneer last year for $580 million.'"

Journal: Stuck at Positive? 12 12

Greets all... I just wanted to mention that I appear to be stuck at Positive karma, even after posting some good comments. My guess is that if you post more than a certain number of comments within a certain period of time, the karma system ignores you? Not sure really, but I'm guessing that some of my posts have attracted negative attention.

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