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Comment This article looks like FUD (Score 1) 404

The feature that was removed is a basic cookie management option where addons do a much better job with a better UI.

If you really want to do fine-grained cookie management, use an addon. I use Cookie Monster.

I like that Mozilla removes useless limited features that I long ago replaced by a powerful addon. The Firefox core must have good APIs (for example cookie management, cookie filtering) on which extensions can be built.

Comment Re:Did an editor read this? (Score 1) 92

including include ads for counterfeit products

You do know typos make the site look stupid and unprofessional, right? But you just don't care?

That's actually the correct spelling of counterfeit. You know it makes you look stupid and unprofessional when you point the finger at someone when you are actually the one in the wrong.

Did you had a look at the other parts of the sentence? It makes you look much more stupid and unprofessional when you point the finger at someone when you are actually the one in the wrong.

Comment Re:Performance and security (Score 1) 198

What helps is for example a directional antenna, that aims at the device that is connected and gives a good connection with that device, without affecting anyone else.

The right Wi-Fi antenna and the right emitting power is the one that allows all my devices to connect at the best performance.

OnHub seems to be the first device I know that claims to have software that will adapt dynamically your connectivity.
And as it is coupled with an app on your devices, I expect it will also be able to monitor quality on both sides of the connection.

So OnHub seems to have all in hands to be able to not use to much emitting power to connect my devices.

Google seems to really bring innovation in this market.

Comment Re: ADVERTISING (Score 1) 198

The wifi router is just an attempt at trying to stay #1 in compiling profiles on households, so they can continue to sell those to advertisers. But they still need a channel to deliver the ads.

This is even worse. The wifi feature is only how the device is marketed. Thanks to 802.15.4 radio, the device is in also a gateway for devices controlling or monitoring your home. Once you add those devices to your home (example: Nest thermostat), Google will be in the best position to better understand how you live for more targeted advertising.

Comment Re:ADVERTISING (Score 1) 198

Google has a vested interest in improving people's online experience.

I agree, but OnHub is much more than improving Internet connectivity. With OnHub, Google will control the network inside your home. Every dialogs between your devices. Especially as OnHub also includes 802.15.4 layer (on which ZigBee is already based, and on which Thread (created by Nest, owned by Google) is also built) that allows to to connect battery powered devices. Google will be able to much better understand how you live... for more targeted advertising (but this is also the door opened for more nefarious usages).

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