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Comment: Re:COOL! (Score 1) 158

by dogmatixpsych (#39796297) Attached to: Motorola Scores Patent Wins Over Microsoft, Apple
I wasn't disingenuous at all. Kodak started the suits (Jan. 2010). Then, as I said, "Apple and HTC sued each other (Apple first)". I'm not defending Apple, I was just correcting the post above implying that Apple started all the suits - they didn't. Besides, Motorola (the company this story is about) went after Apple before Apple went after Motorola.

Comment: Re:COOL! (Score 1) 158

by dogmatixpsych (#39793199) Attached to: Motorola Scores Patent Wins Over Microsoft, Apple
Motorola sued Apple first. They sued before Apple started suing Android manufacturers. I'm not defending Apple or Microsoft or attacking Motorola, it's just that Apple did not start the smartphone patent wars.

Kodak sued Apple in January 2010. Then Apple and HTC sued each other (Apple first) around April 2010. Things started escalating. Motorola sued Apple Oct. 8, 2010 and then Apple countersued a few weeks later. Check out this link for an infographic of the suits (,2817,2399098,00.asp).
Also, this article for the Motorola v. Apple suit:

If anyone started the wars, it was Kodak. Apple has played their part in escalating the war but as far as Apple and Motorola are concerned, Motorola started that particular battle.

Comment: Re:Put them to work (Score 1) 1054

by dogmatixpsych (#39565009) Attached to: Teacher Suspended For Reading <em>Ender's Game</em> To Students
"Yeah but in the minds of conservative"

Way to wrongly stereotype all conservatives. This is an example of an extreme minority of conservatives in one part of the country. PETA is the liberal equivalent of these conservatives; I'm sure most liberals wouldn't want to be lumped in with PETA or some of the extreme greens or animal rights activists.

Comment: Re:Canada Here I Come (Score 1) 747

The LDS Church sued, as you said, over copyright. It had nothing to do with trying to "silence critics with lawsuits". It was about protecting copyrighted materials that were used incorrectly by a couple who spent all their time attacking the LDS Church (Gerald and Sandra Tanner); seriously, that is all that couple did (does? I can't remember if they are still alive or not). The LDS Church simply ignores critics (some individual church members will respond though). It is a doctrine of the church to let people worship how, what, or where they may (that includes worshiping nothing or attacking the LDS Church). The Church will on occasion respond to critics but will not try to silence them.

Comment: Re:Marketing is not the problem (Score 1) 1091

by dogmatixpsych (#39426939) Attached to: Why Linux Can't 'Sell' On the Desktop
I've seen this same switch in my neuroscience/neuroimaging field (but over the past 4 years). For a long time neuroimaging post-processing was all Windows. Then it went to Linux (mostly). Now it is almost all Linux and OS X (with some Windows). At conferences or training meetings, most people seem to be running Macs. They have all the benefits of Linux/Unix plus, as you wrote, all the benefits of OS X (plus it's trivial to also run Windows on Macs {yes, that's true for most boxes running Linux}). I keep thinking I should be using Linux more than I do but I have no reason to when I have all the tools I need from Linux in OS X and I don't have fiddle around just to get Linux working flawlessly on my computer (some distros do "just work" now, mostly).

Comment: Re:Just what Hollywood needs.... (Score 1) 481

by dogmatixpsych (#39425443) Attached to: Michael Bay To Remake TMNT As Aliens
I really enjoyed the Star Trek reboot. In my opinion, it was the the best of the Star Trek movies (but I was never a Trekkie) - yes, I know some people would hang me over that statement. I liked some of the original TV show and movies (as well as Enterprise) but as I said, my life didn't revolve around Star Trek. I just think the new movie was the best of the Star Trek films.

Comment: Re:It's not piracy (Score 1) 311

by dogmatixpsych (#39425335) Attached to: The Numbers Behind the Copyright Math
Further, singles were almost always $3-$5 (usually closer to $5). I purchased one single in my life back in the 90s (it was a song not available on an album) but generally would purchase an entire album because I could get the album for $10 (this was when there were starting to be reasonable CD prices). Now singles are inexpensive but back in 90s or earlier, if a song was available as a single, it was still pricey.

Comment: Re:This is not a valid study (Score 1) 358

by dogmatixpsych (#38937469) Attached to: iOS Vs. Android: Which Has the Crashiest Apps?
I've never had the OS of any of my iOS devices crash (I've had apps crash on occasion but it's really quick to get them open and going again). My Android phone (a $300 Motorola model, new last July) has many app crashes, many more than I see on iOS. Further, I've had the OS crash 5 times in the 7 months I've owned the phone. It's more stable with a custom ROM than it was with stock but it's still far more unstable than anything I see in iOS.

Yes, most of the time they are app crashes and not OS crashes but the OS crashes occur too.

Comment: Re:Just desserts. (Score 2) 120

by dogmatixpsych (#38931009) Attached to: Apple Overturns Motorola's German iPad and iPhone Sales Bans
Motorola sued Apple about this issue (maybe not in Germany but certainly here in the U.S.) before Apple really started going after other companies. I'm not defending Apple, I'm just pointing out that this didn't happen to Apple because of them "flinging around lawsuits", Motorola went after Apple before that happened.

Comment: Re:On the campaign trail (Score 1) 494

by dogmatixpsych (#38928213) Attached to: President By Day, High-Tech Headhunter By Night
True, but why didn't he do this when he had almost a supermajority of Democrats in Congress (during the first 2 years of his time in office)? Getting things passed at that point should have been easy for him (like the massive environmental bill, the massive health insurance reform, and the various stimulus bills were easy). The problem is that Pres. Obama says he cares but he does not do anything about it, except for when he can self-handicap himself (like he can do now with Republicans in control of the House) and reduce his apparent culpability for inaction (i.e., it's the Republicans' fault). Pres. Obama had a wonderful chance to make so real changes to the tax code and other fiscal policy measures but he did not do anything. Conrgess didn't do anything. For better or worse, at least Pres. Bush and the Republicans made changes to the tax code (the changes were positive, the massive increase in spending including for 2 wars were not positive).

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