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Comment: Re:Having lived through the period in question (Score 1) 1036

by dog77 (#46676719) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

in spite of the fact that the right wing party promotes ideas that are often in direct conflict with the religious- ideas and attitudes about caring about the poor, sick, etc.

And Democrats are quick to paint distorted pictures of Republicans, because it serves their political gain.

I doubt there is a big difference between the compassion of Republicans versus Democrats. The evidence that Republicans have compassion is easy to find, look at their donations to charity. Painting a picture that Republicans promote ideas that are in direct conflict with religious ideas of caring is a misunderstanding on your part. On a whole Republicans believe government should be limited, and should not promote social causes good or bad as a matter or principle, and this has little to do with their level of compassion. I submit that you fall in the same bit of crowd driven thinking we all do, you listen to those who align with the views you want to believe (a little like those religious people you call nutty) ignoring the actual evidence to the contrary because it does not fit with your belief.

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by dog77 (#46341925) Attached to: Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation
Elaine Huguenin did not want to take pictures at a same sex marriage because she did not believe in it. Vanessa Wilcock found another photographer, but decided to file a lawsuit, and won her case, and Elane Photography was ordered to pay $6637. Who is acting like the $%##? What about respect for others beliefs? Does that only apply to non-Christians now? Stupid cases like this is why Arizona feels the need to make bills like this.


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by dog77 (#44483355) Attached to: BREACH Compression Attack Steals SSL Secrets
My understanding is that the attacker can't alter the secret, but they control the URL of the request, and try to alter so that as the URL more closely matches the secret, the overall request and response compresses to a smaller size. So there is nothing really of value until the attacker gets the secret, since the attacker is the one creating the request (i.e. the URL).

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by dog77 (#44483165) Attached to: BREACH Compression Attack Steals SSL Secrets
For a given https connection, each side can prove to the other that they have knowledge of the authentication cookie, without sending their part of that knowledge. There are probably many ways this could be done, and I am not going to pretend I know the best way, but here is one way. Each side sends random challenges as part of the connection establishment. Each side receives the challenge and encrypts it using the public key generated at the time of the authentication cookie establishment. The challenge response is embedded in the first http request and response. There is some overhead and latency, but next to the TLS/SSL, this is minor, and also reusing connection becomes more important, or other ideas like Google's Quic protocol make even more sense.

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by dog77 (#44108055) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Getting Hired As a Self-Taught Old Guy?
Often a company is looking for some specific skills or experience and this is often described in the job listing or can be inferred from the product or services the company provides.

If the job listing mentions Linux, you better have lots of stuff on your resume about Linux. If the company makes network products you better have lots of stuff indicating networking knowledge.

When you come into the interview you should review these topics, if you need to learn a new programming language or subject matter, do it, and even it was obvious you just learned it for the job it would reflect very well that you have the aptitude to learn the skills you need to contribute.

Assuming you actually have an interest in what the company does, demonstrate that, learn about their products before you come into the interview. Demonstrate your curiosity by asking questions about things you don't understand about the products.

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by dog77 (#44075627) Attached to: China Says Serious Polluters Will Get the Death Penalty
Should we start with Bill Clinton?

In 1993 President Bill Clinton made changes to the Community Reinvestment Act to make mortgages more obtainable for lower and lower-middle class families. In 1998 the Federal Bank of Boston issued a report entitled “Closing the Gap: A Guide to Equal Opportunity Lending." The 30 page document was intended to serve as a guide to loan officers to help curb discriminatory lending [10] "Closing the Gap," instructs banks to hire based upon diversity needs, sweeten the compensation structure for working with lower income applicants, encourages shifting high risk, low income applications to the sub prime market, by saying "the secondary market [Subprime Market] is willing to consider ratios above the standard 28/36," and "Lack of credit history should not be seen as a negative factor."

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by dog77 (#43799487) Attached to: Tesla Motors Repays $465M Government Loan 9 Years Early
The taxes on gas and diesel fuel seems to dwarf any subsidies that the oil companies receive. According to wikipedia it is on average almost 50 cents per gallon . Not that I agree with subsidies, I think we should get rid of them, but I think the oil industry subsidies is a small thing trumped up by both sides for for political purposes. I don't think the oil companies would notice if we got rid of them, other than raise fuel prices a couple cents.

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by dog77 (#43799319) Attached to: Tesla Motors Repays $465M Government Loan 9 Years Early
Oddly enough the loan program was established under the Bush administration.

From wikipedia article:

The low-interest loans are not related to the "bailout" funds that GM and Chrysler have received, nor are they related to the 2009 economic stimulus package. The Department of Energy loan program was created in 2007 during the George Bush administration in order to get more fuel-efficient vehicle options to U.S. consumers and to decrease the country's dependence on foreign oil.

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Or a subscription to the site or group of sites might work. However for any of this to take off, I think it has to be more convenient and secure to do transactions. This includes the security and anonymity of the transactions and ease of transaction including login/password/key management. PayPal like solutions help some with this, but transactions are still risky, inconvenient, and login/password management is still another account that you must create and remember. I look forward to the day where we have a comprehensive and convenient security solution that involves a secure device and secure network infrastructure , that manages your IDs/keys, transaction verification, secure connections, heavily audited, open solution, can be lost or stolen with out worry, and even if someone had a gun to your head asking you to transfer money, you could limit the ability to do the transaction with a number of security safe guards. I should be able to visit the most malicious site, get my computer compromised, and still not be at risk of losing my money or password. Until then, I am going to be very selective of who I give money to.

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