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Journal: Gay Slashdot Users 1

Journal by dodgyville
Are you a slashdot user who happens to be gay? Write a comment and let everyone know what you think how being gay and also being a computer nerd affects your life!
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Journal: How does this work then?

Journal by dodgyville
I found a great website, I wonder who made it?

Also, I am not the Luke Miller who wrote that poem `silenced', which a few people have found on the web. It is a different Luke Miller.

I once tried to start up a club of Luke Millers, but the first one I contacted told me to stop e-mailing him. Sad, I guess. Now my friend Rob hands me a book called `Are YOU Dave Gorman?' about a man who goes around finding other people called Dave Gorman. Just goes to show that good ideas never vanish.

Also, while I'm trying to do some electronic house-cleaning. I find myself participating in that hilarious joke of pointing miserable failure to the white house, just because it appeals to my sense of humour.

"If the code and the comments disagree, then both are probably wrong." -- Norm Schryer