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+ - Your Favourite Law 1

Submitted by dodgyville
dodgyville writes: Australia is gearing up for an election later this year, and as with most elections, parties are making promises, some outlandish, some reasonably interesting. My preferred party, the Australian Democrats (no relation), allow members to personally ballot specific policies that can become official party policy, although no-one has done it for a few years. While I think Australia has too many laws, I would like to see some legislation specifically forcing the federal government to consider open source software, or at least open formats. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I am hoping people can suggest laws or policies which I can try and get added to our party's platform.

What law passed by a town, province or country do you actually like? It does not have to be software engineering related. This is your chance to spread the word on your favourite law, and possibly get it adopted as official policy by a party that has some success in getting laws passed.

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