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Comment: Emotions, Yelling, Etc. (Score 1) 735

by dodex1k (#42700551) Attached to: J.J. Abrams To Direct Star Wars VII

I think J. J. Abrams writes boilerplate characters and contrived drama. Star Trek demonstrated this to a tee. The entire premise of the villain was about as simple as it gets. They destroyed his planet and now he's out for revenge. Lame. Kirk and Spock's conflict is equally boring and was not explored enough. Kirk doesn't respect authority. He follows his hunches. Spock is the opposite. That simple premise just gives way to lots of yelling and screaming and punching. I thought it was obnoxious. The original show explored interesting ethical conflicts through creative and fantastical plot devices. I only hope his Star Wars movie doesn't devolve into an episode of 90210.

Comment: Ehhhh.... (Score 1) 166

by dodex1k (#41281811) Attached to: 4chan Undergoing Major Revision, Getting Public API

There are already third party 4chan apps like the 4chan browser extensions, 4chan mass image downloaders... I don't understand exactly what new doors the API changes are opening up. If anything, these changes will probably cause problems for 4chan. I was under the impression the whole reason that site had such a big community was it's simplicity.

Comment: Re:Or he could... you know... (Score 1) 234

by dodex1k (#41184897) Attached to: Apple Rejects Drone Strike App

Hopefully people will see start to see that the same things apps do can be accomplished just as effectively by websites. For every single app in the Apple app store, there is probably a corresponding website that does the same thing. And it doesn't need to be approved by anyone.

There's an app for that...
And there's a website too.
And it's free.

Comment: I'm Not Bitter (Score 2) 220

by dodex1k (#41164607) Attached to: Are You Gaming For the Right Reasons?

If someone really was using games to gain a sense of self-worth I don't think they want some smart-ass article diagnosing their problem. It's not even posing a solution. It just exposes people to a problem they might have and then leaves them in the cold.
"Hey J. Random Gamer. Are you gaming to to hide from your own short comings? If you are, then that sucks for you. Avoiding social situations with games is a BAD thing. I bet you never thought of that, now did you? You should really get control of your life, like I did."
I don't think this article is helping anyone.


+ - Harvard creates cyborg flesh that's half man, half machine->

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MrSeb writes "Bioengineers at Harvard University have created the first examples of cyborg tissue: Neurons, heart cells, muscle, and blood vessels that are interwoven by nanowires and transistors. hese cyborg tissues are half living cells, half electronics. As far as the cells are concerned, they’re just normal cells that behave normally — but the electronic side actually acts as a sensor network, allowing a computer to interface directly with the cells. In the case of cyborg heart tissue, the researchers have already used the embedded nanowires to measure the contractions (heart rate) of the cells. So far, the researchers have only used the nanoelectric scaffolds to read data from the cells — but according to lead researcher Charles Lieber, the next step is to find a way of talking to the individual cells, to “wire up tissue and communicate with it in the same way a biological system does.” Suffice it to say, if you can use a digital computer to read and write data to your body’s cells, there are some awesome applications."
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+ - IBM working on Watson app for smartphones->

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MrSeb writes "After conquering Jeopardy, battling patent trolls, and chasing down health insurance fraudsters, IBM now plans to bring Watson to smartphones. In essence, IBM is hoping to build a better, faster, and more professional/enterprisey version of Apple’s Siri, the voice-controlled assistant that debuted on the iPhone 4S. Each IBM Watson installation is a 10-rack supercomputer with a total of 2880 processor threads (90 Power7 CPUs clocked at 3.5GHz, each with eight cores, and each core with four threads). There is 16TB of RAM, and the entire thing is embarrassingly parallel — it can process 500 gigabytes of data per second. Now, don’t worry — IBM isn’t trying to shrink the room-sized Watson down to the size of a smartphone. Instead, we’re simply looking at a smartphone app that directly interfaces with an internet-connected Watson installation. In theory, Watson’s question answering ability would utterly blow Siri and Google Now out of the water. While Siri can set your alarms, Watson can parse a patient’s charts and provide clinical diagnoses and pharmaceutical prescriptions. Where Siri can tell you whether you’ll need an umbrella, you could ask Watson whether now is the right time to plant your crops — or for a complete walkthrough on how to fix your toaster."
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Comment: No Thank You (Score 1) 311

by dodex1k (#41162123) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is the Rise of Skeuomorphic User Interfaces a Problem?

If a "skeuomorphic" GUI is meant to resemble a physical desktop space, then I don't think it's a very good idea. The more a workspace attempts to graphically simulate a real space, the more system resources are wasted. Development time is squandered on tuning appearance rather than performance. I think both technical users and everyday users prefer a program that is simple and functional. Imagine how resource heavy OpenOffice would be if it simulated pen strokes as you typed. Yuck. Users are plenty capable of learning how to use software that don't resemble real world objects.

Comment: Re:The market has changed (Score 1) 622

by dodex1k (#41140807) Attached to: PC Makers In Desperate Need of a Reboot
I think that one two punch will still work. Companies and home users want new software with support, even if older versions on older hardware are a cheaper choice. Sure a lot of people aren't buying the way they used to, but in a few years, Windows 7 just won't cut it anymore and folks pull out their checkbooks. There will always be a market, it's just not as expansive as some may have hoped.

Comment: Al-Tor-native? (Score 1) 138

by dodex1k (#41092647) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best VPN Service For Australia?
I agree that internet users should try and stop data from being given out freely. Even though I don't really mind if people are snooping through my personal data, others do. I would like to make this sort of change for their sake. But from my experience with Tor, it can be kind of slow. Is it really the best alternative for anonymous internet surfing? Does VPN work any better? It seems if people want to make anonymous internet a viable concept, it will need to come close to matching the speed of browsing with a "naked" connection. I know, that sounds like a pretty tall order. Perhaps Tor/VPN/decoder rings aren't meant to be viable alternatives. Maybe they will forever remain unreliable and inefficient. That would be a bummer.

+ - Satellite Uplinks for the Masses-> 1

Submitted by kgeiger
kgeiger (1339271) writes "Intellectual Ventures has spun out Kymeta to develop and mass-produce their mTenna product line. mTennas are based on metamaterials like the invisibility cloaks discussed on Slashdot and elsewhere. Metamaterials enable beam-steering that ensures an mTenna remains in contact with satellites even during motion. Kymeta will use 'established lithographic techniques' to make them.

IMHO, these antennas may be as big a leap for mobile computing and remote communications as the invention of fractal antennas was for mobile phones."

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