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Comment: LG G3 (Score 1) 558 558

by doconnor (#49883895) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Hardware Is In Your Primary Computer?

CPU 2.5 GHz quad-core Krait 400
32 GB SD

I have gentoo prefix installed, which lets me install gentoo software under the stock Android distribution. I also haave XServer XSDL, an Android app that is an X Server, but I haven't used this very much so far.

I use it for web browsing, watching videos and development of Android and Free Pascal software. I have a Bluetooth keyboard to help with that.

I also have a MiniMac connected to the big screen TV at home that is my web server and hosts MythTV. It's also used for web browsing and flash games, mostly by my daughter.

Comment: Re:I can summarize article (Score 1) 489 489

by doconnor (#49441251) Attached to: Reason: How To Break the Internet (in a Bad Way)

May any reasonable measure the most prosperous countries are the Scandinavian ones and they are also the most socialist countries (The so-call Communists countries where basically the opposite of socialist).

Who knows how much better an even more socialist country would be.

Comment: Re:Unicomp Keyboard (Score 1) 452 452

by doconnor (#49275465) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good Keyboard?

I am using a Maxi-Switch XT style keyboard (with F1 to F10 on the left side) which has a dip switch to turn on AT mode. My current computer has a PC keyboard plug so I just have one converter to switch it from a large circular connector to a small AT circular connector.

In the past I also had an AT to USB convert on it too.

It's would be about 20 years old new. Only in the last week I notice that in the morning the space bar isn't always getting picked up.

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