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Comment Re:Hey now... (Score 1) 328

I know you were being funny, but I just ran into this recently.
The IE install on the system was so broken that I had to go to cmd and start an ftp session to That told me to use, which had the latest version ready to fetch. Downloading firefox that way worked fine.

Comment You DO NOT have to reboot if you install manually (Score 3, Informative) 232

I'm not going to get into why having automatic updates on is generally a bad idea, that subject has already been beaten to death here.

WindowsXP-KB972260-x86-ENU.exe /quiet /norestart

That is the one for XP with IE6, the filenames are different for the other flavors. The list of all of the different patches is at:

Why "Upgrade" To Office 2007 598

walterbyrd writes "IMO: Office-2007 is a contender for the least useful upgrade in the history of computing. It's expensive, has a steep learning curve, and it's default format is even less compatible with anything else. Stan Beer discusses the "upgrade" in his article: Question: why do I need to upgrade to Office 2007?."

Submission + - is selling Vista and Office 2007!

2991ozognarah writes: "I don't know if this is new news, but I received an email this morning saying that you can now pre-order Vista and Office 2007 (I definitely won't!)! The options are: Windows Vista Home Premium and Office Home and Student 2007 (for "home users who want to add a whole new dimension to their Windows experience), Windows Vista Ultimate and Office Ultimate 2007 (for sharing and experiencing almost any kind of information), Windows Vista Business and Office Professional 2007 (for stability and productivity [I doubt the part about the stability]), and Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade and Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade (for the gamers)."

Submission + - Lost Moon landing tapes discovered

de_smudger writes: For years 'lost' tapes recording data from the Apollo 11 Moon landing have been stored underneath the seats of Australian physics students. A recent search has uncovered them.

Recorded on telemetry tapes, they are said to be the best quality images of the landing (unconverted slow scan TV) yet to be seen by a public still fascinated by the early space race. These tapes were mislaid in the early 1980s on their way to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland.
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Submission + - Teacher guilty in porno popups case

Alhazred93 writes: "A jury in Norwich found teacher Julie Amero guily of risking injury to a minor when she failed to stop the continuous porno popups from the malware that infected her classroom computer. A court heard that "she could not control the graphic images appearing in an endless cycle..." She faces up to 40 years in jail."

Submission + - VirtualBox goes opensource

lonesometrainer writes: "Innotek's virtualization solution VirtualBox is available in a free/opensource and a commercial variant. Unlike XEN or KVM (Paravirtualiziers) and more like VMWare it emulates the hardware available in the VMs (by making use of Qemu). Innotek is no newbie in the virtualization market as they developed the VirtualPC solution together with Connectix. German magazine Heise seems to be pretty satisfied with the product overall (original article in german, google translation). Host systems may be Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server or 32-bit Linux systems (Innotek is currently working on support for Mac OSX and 64-bit Linux). A wide range of guest systems is supported."

Submission + - Professional virtualization as Open Source

djmutex writes: Germany's InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH today made VirtualBox generally available — a new contender in the premier league of x86 full virtualization software, and the only one that is also Open Source. Marking an important milestone in the history of PC virtualization, VirtualBox is designed for server, desktop and embedded use — in enterprises and for home use. After years of development as a special-purpose solution, VirtualBox is now generally available to companies of any size as well as home users and developers who have so far been unable to find a professional, yet flexible and open virtualizer. Visit for detailed information about scenarios for enterprise use and support of InnoTek VirtualBox. In addition, on InnoTek's brand-new community website, VirtualBox is now available in two versions: You can download the full binary releases free of charge for personal and educational use as well as evaluation. In addition, InnoTek has unleashed the VirtualBox Open Source Edition (OSE), containing nearly all of the source code of VirtualBox. Everyone is invited to test the product, check out the source code, join the community and contribute to further development of the product. InnoTek is a privately held and internally funded software company located near Stuttgart, Southern Germany. Since its creation in 1992, a team of international software specialists focuses entirely on the development of high-tech system software. InnoTek has developed outstanding expertise in low-level system software development for 32-bit and 64-bit Intel and AMD platforms. Having been involved in the development of PC virtualization technology from the very beginning, InnoTek staffs Europe's largest and most experienced team of PC virtualization software experts. Visit for details.

Submission + - PayPal offers password key fob

superwad writes: "The device displays a new one-time password in the form of a six-digit code about every 30 seconds. PayPal clients who opt to use the device will enter this password along with their regular credentials when signing into the service. The key fob is meant as another weapon in the battle on data-thieving phishing scams."

Submission + - Forced hardware retirement

AlonzoTG writes: "I have been informed that I must upgrade my motherboard to a newer and more common type in order to maintain linux compatibility. In my enthuseasm to buy a SMP machine in 2003 I overlooked the fact that my Tyan Tiger MPX (S2466) wasnt very popular as a workstation and would develop serious compatibility issues only four years in to its fifteen year useful life span. Fedora Core cannot be installed on the machine, nor can my existing installation support OpenGL graphics without crashing. (an issue with the GART chip which the kernel still claims to support — it stopped working about eight months ago). If I were to accept this loss, which workstation class boards can I choose which will remain operable under Linux for the entirety of their useful lifespan? Is it possible to obtain a guarentee with respect to a specific board that it will continue to be supported?"
The Internet

Submission + - High Latency on my Internet Connection

Hoganchild writes: "For the past week, my connection has been troubled with bouts of unusually high ping. Anyone who plays games online knows how frustrating it can be trying to play an FPS with a ping of about 150-200... It just doesn't work. It started sometime last Sunday, and has been popping up here and there ever since. It usually lasts a few hours, then goes away. I've scanned for spyware with spybot and adaware, and removed some "threats". I did the same with my antivirus (used AVG free, and avast!). When this didn't work, I promptly phoned my ISP, and was on the phone with tech support for at least an hour, trying to fix it. Alas, this was to no avail. My question is, is there anything I can do on my end, by tweaking my connection settings, or anything else, that can help stop this lag? I'm not running on a router or anything, my modem is hardwired directly to my pc. Any help would be greatly appreciated."

Submission + - R2D2 Projector Adds Force to Movies

SvenForkbeard writes: "If there's a normal, unpretentious home theater projector out there in the universe, this is the projector it's farthest from. Star Wars fans will be knocking each other over to get to Nikko's R2-D2 home theater projector, which shoots video out of its eye (it would have been perfect if it used the hologram-projector port, though). The resolution is only 800 x 600 (south of high-def), but speakers are built in, and so is a DVD player as well as an iPod dock. And it wouldn't be R2 if he didn't move — you can make him follow you anywhere in your house via the remote control." k_sir_droids.html

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