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Comment: Re:Does Bennett have a day job? (Score 1) 153

by dnebin (#48254259) Attached to: Can Ello Legally Promise To Remain Ad-Free?

Because people like you post comments after his oral diarrhea, slashdot will continue accepting his shit and this becomes his day job. After all, dice wants eyeballs and you posting to his blog like this means they have eyeballs.

The only way to stop this crap is to boycott bennett postings.

Comment: Re:The more things change the more the stay the sa (Score 1) 728

by dnebin (#48119579) Attached to: Why the Trolls Will Always Win

Then I'd hardly call it a win at all.

To the winners go the spoils.

That's how you evaluate who the winner is. As it looks so far, systemd is winning the day by taking over many linux distros, Dice is still driving content here, and they just love posts by Bennet and will take as many as he can provide.

Given that, who do you think is winning?

Comment: Seriously? (Score 1) 209

Useful answers to this should take into account the problem with the question of "How long is a piece of string?" Give some context about how much you pay, and how much you use -- and how much that would change if the price were different.

WTF? Are we all children now? Would you like to tell us how we should answer in other posts now, Timothy? If the OP couldn't form his question to include what details he was actually looking for, you should have either accepted his post as-is or rejected it. Your clarification is, IMHO, insulting.

Comment: Re:Don't wait on the wiping... (Score 1) 577

by dnebin (#48043439) Attached to: Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?
Sorry, but I think you might have missed the sarcasm that I was aiming for...

But I will add that I no longer build my own PCs. Not because I can't, but mostly because I had a hard time settling for the low-end, cheap parts (if I'm going to build a rig, it's going to be the hottest rig around, at least for the next week or so). Buying OTS ended up saving me a lot of time and money. I usually go w/ HP's, bump up the memory and otherwise go w/ the system as-is. They may pick up cheaper parts, but for the most part I've had nothing but success getting linux running on them.

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