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Comment Re: who cares? Me. (Score 1) 154

Software development has been moving away from that model for quite some time now whereever at all possible. Facebook updates their code live many times daily, so does Amazon and while you could argue Facebook doesn't power anything critical, Amazob AWS sure as hell does. It's cheaper, faster and more efficient.

Comment Re: Oomph. (Score 1) 70

Err, this is an imaginary problem. The zipper on my 16 year old jacket broke a year ago. I took it to a repairman who replaced it. It was his problem to source the zipper, not mine. The materials and the job cost me 20â and it was the first time in 16 years I had to spend money on renovating this jacket.

Comment Re: Oomph. (Score 1, Insightful) 70

My dad has a saying that's stuck with me over the decades: "I am way too poor to be buying cheap shit". This doesn't apply just to clothes - I own 2 jackets that are EXPENSIVE, except one of them is literally older than me and the other is 16 years old, so the total cost of ownership is way less than buying and replacing every few years. Even though computer values depreciates faster, same rules do apply: if you live in a western country (poor is a relative concept), if you buy a 400$ computer, you are not a "smart spender", you are a retard, because in the hands of a normal user that machine will be barely usable in 3 years time.

Comment Re: Just use OpenBSD, for crying out loud! (Score 1) 134

You're so funny :)

You would lose 99% of computer-using population at the "download an installation image from the website and burn it to a CD or make a bootable USB stick". That is before you had to tell them to change the device boot order in BIOS. Which is before they would run into an installer where you can't click on anything and that might as well speak hebrew to them. Which is before they realized half their hardware isn't recognized. Which is before they realize Flash doesn't work. Etc, etc etc...

Comment Re:Greasing Palms. (Score 1) 280

The idea that we need to regulate me paying one person to transport me from one spot to another is, frankly, ridiculous.

Try riding a cab in city where they aren't properly regulated and you may change your mind after you get in a cab with a driver who asks you for directions in a city you do not live in and is driving a clapped out ex cop car with bad shocks, a check engine light that's on and whose brakes squeal like metal to metal contact is being made whenever he uses them.

OK, so basically, you have never used Uber.

Comment Re:America, land of the free... (Score 1) 720

This very much depends on "what average IT job". I am in Finland and work a "very average IT job" and a major telco, me and my colleagues don't just have to provide our criminal record to the employer - the Finnish intelligence services (not regular police) do a full background check on us.

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