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Comment A stupid question on space travel (Score 1) 330

I have a question thats's been bothering me for a long time now. It's obvious to me that a collision with a large object in space is easy to both predict and avoid, but what about small pieces of debris? How does a spaceship detect and avoid collisions with miniscule pieces (say 5-10cm in diameter), since even such a small piece of rock could most likely cause critical damage when it hits a spaceship at something like 20km/s.

Comment retards spoiling stuff for the rest of us (Score 0) 344

One of the big reasons why I stick to iOS devices is precisely that I can count on them to be supported for many years. The iPad 2, launched on 11.03.2011 can run the latest OS released just a few months ago. Good luck getting that kind of support lengh with an Android device. If this lawsuit results in Apple just starting to cut off support earlier, I am going to rage.

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