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Comment: Re:Greasing Palms. (Score 1) 280

by dnaumov (#48559447) Attached to: Court Orders Uber To Shut Down In Spain

The idea that we need to regulate me paying one person to transport me from one spot to another is, frankly, ridiculous.

Try riding a cab in city where they aren't properly regulated and you may change your mind after you get in a cab with a driver who asks you for directions in a city you do not live in and is driving a clapped out ex cop car with bad shocks, a check engine light that's on and whose brakes squeal like metal to metal contact is being made whenever he uses them.

OK, so basically, you have never used Uber.

Comment: Re:Battery Life Is Worse (Score 1) 504

by dnaumov (#47960573) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

...no more than 2 days without charging is considered acceptable? WTF? Thanks for just providing me with another argument I don't need a smartphone (besides privacy issues, shit update policies, the amount of malware, the fragility of the things, their price, the fact that I don't need at least 90% of what they can do...). My Nokia 2610 can easily go 2 weeks without recharging, so long as I use it as an alarm clock, for texting and a few calls. And then I was worried because it used to take longer before needing to be recharged, and now the battery is kinda old (8 years or so...). No more than 2 days without recharging, unbelievable...

No more than 1 day of active use without charging is considered acceptable. Very very few smartphone models last 2. These are very very different devices from what you would call a "phone". For many users, the ability to make/receive calls and SMS is utterly secondary to all other features.

Comment: Unforunate developments (Score 1) 560

by dnaumov (#47325939) Attached to: Mass. Supreme Court Says Defendant Can Be Compelled To Decrypt Data

I haven't even looked, but I bet the comments are full of posts saying something along the lines of "What if I forgot the password?" Unfortunately, this cop-out won't work or if it will, it won't for long. In many countries, the courts have already taken a stance that in such a scenario, it's at the court's discretion whether to actually believe your claim of forgetfulness or not. There is no reason to believe the exact same thing won't happen in the US.

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