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by dmbasso (#47948349) Attached to: Putin To Discuss Plans For Disconnecting Russia From the Internet

Double spends for anyone who can connect to both sides of the network. Essentially, there will be two ledgers, an International ledger and a Russian one. If you spend on the Russian ledger, the International ledger will still have your money. When the network rejoins, whatever ledger has the most hashing power behind it will be chosen as the correct one, and all the transactions from the other one will be retried on the new global ledger. If the network saw a new transaction spending a previous transaction's outputs, it would be rejected, as well as any spends referencing that transaction, and so on.

Thank you, that's exactly what I wanted to know.

This happened already.

I guess I've missed the news, any links for my lazy ass?

Bitcoin sounds like a nice investment for dictators willing to further screw their populaces.

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by dmbasso (#47704077) Attached to: C++14 Is Set In Stone

E.g., would you rather try to see which bit is set in a string like "0b001011010011011101011100" or have it broken up like "0b0010_1101_0011_0111_0101_1100" or "0b00101101_00110111_01011100". If it's a bit field, you may even want "0b001011_010011011_01_0_111_0_0" if breaking it into fields has meaning.

Such a small change to help readability...

If you're really interested in readability you would probably define those bits, like:

#define HIGHSTUFF (0b001011 << 17)
#define NOTSOHIGHSTUFF (0b010011011 << 8)

and then or them together.

Alternatively you could define a macro for your bit field, like:

#define bitfield(a,b,c,d) 0x##a##b##c##d
int main() {
        printf("%x", bitfield(f,f,f,f));

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by dmbasso (#47375287) Attached to: Tibetans Inherited High-Altitude Gene From Ancient Human

Because you said that thousands of years ago specific genes were transplanted

No, I didn't say that. The example I gave was only to elucidate that a single gene (or even a bunch of them) doesn't define a population. I read my post again and the message still seems clear. But ok, I'll make it fucking transparent: suppose I write a book and copy an entire paragraph of Shakespeare's Hamlet, then proceed to burn every single copy of the aforementioned play. It doesn't matter that a paragraph continues to exist in another book, Hamlet went extinct.

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I haven't said Denisovans were a different species... you are aware that the word "extinction" is not limited to species right? If all Caucasians | Africans | Mongolians died, their population would be extinct. Their genes would still survive in other humans, and that doesn't make any difference to the fact they would be extinct.

And how the fuck did you read religious connotations in my post? I'm an atheist.

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by dmbasso (#47374119) Attached to: Tibetans Inherited High-Altitude Gene From Ancient Human

The explanation of the evolution is terrible. If the gene was inherited from a "Denisovans" then that Denisovan didn't go extinct. His descendents are still among us. The gene did not spread through the population; the people who had the gene survived and people without the gene disappeared leaving more space for those survivors.

Yes, the "people with the gene" were called Denisovans, they "disappeared", therefore they did go extinct. It seems you don't follow the logic of your own statements.

And just to make it even more clear: suppose I make dog with the tomato gene for photosynthesis (a solar powered dog, how cool is that), then kill every single tomato plant in the world with some Monsanto shit. It doesn't matter that my glorious green power efficient dog would carry the tomato gene... tomatos would still have gone extinct.

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