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Comment Re:Drone It (Score 1) 843 843

Throwing in good money after bad. The technology is already obsolete. Drones didn't exist when this thing was dreamt up, drones could run circles around these things. Try to repurpose the knowledge and technology for NASA stuff, but stop this welfare program now. That's all it is. Keeping a lot of people employed, and for what? When in the hell is anybody going to engage in a dogfight nowadays? There's no use case anymore.

Comment Re:Maths much? (Score 2) 210 210

They must suspect that the party in question is a competitor looking to undermine them. Not unheard of to malign your competition in order to siphon off business. Look at political campaigns, or commercials saying how stupid you are for using "the leading brand" of X.

If they have very good reason to believe the bad reviews are from a malicious competitor or a party they have never actually done work for then this is not unreasonable at all. You'd do the same thing. Say like if you were a freelance software developer. You beat out other candidates for a job here and there. These defeated competitors want to make sure that doesn't happen. Bad unverified anonymous Yelp review is not a bad tactic.

Comment Re:Google effect (Score 2) 179 179

Totally this.

The last time I went through the ordeal of looking for a job (about a year ago), it was pretty common for them to make me come back for a second afternoon of interviews. What balls these people had to make me take a second half day of PTO to interview with them! Pad the schedule for the first round next time, I have better things to do! And I'm not talking about cool companies you'd really want to work for here, not Google or Apple etc, but some pretty mediocre places.

Comment Nothing. (Score 1) 219 219

There's nothing Facebook can do. There were probably only maybe 5 people who were capable of posting what he posted and "they" probably already knew about all of them and just narrowed it down to this guy somehow (or maybe the killed the others as well.)

It's like if your wife posts something under a pseudonym exposing your habit of leaving your socks on the floor.

Comment IBM or VMs (Score 5, Funny) 257 257

If you're talking about IBM Mainframe stuff, then don't worry about it. IBM will support it in one way or another for the next 500 years because the systems that processes your airline reservations and processes your credit card transactions all still run on mainframes with COBOL code and CICS UIs. Nowadays they're dressed up with modern GUIs on top of it but ultimately it's all the same. Peek over at what the airline agent is looking at when she prints your ticket and you'll see a text console with lots of green and where you press CTRL to submit the form.

If you're talking about some modern unix or windows stuff, VMWare it now or something. In 25 years you'll have your quantum singularity computer with an emulator for GoogleOS 54 inside of which you can run an emulator for Windows 15 inside of which you can run an emulator for Windows 11 inside of which you can run VMWare Player with your stuff.

Better get started.

Comment Can't win (Score 1) 107 107

You can't win. You can't break even. You can't even get out of the game once you're in.

The feds have unlimited resources. They will eventually, sooner than later, bust whoever is running this place. There's no profit in rotting in prison. Chances are the feds have already infiltrated the place as mods and of course as customers.

And it's not harmless. A lot of people in Mexico are dying because of the insatiable appetite for drugs. Blame drug policy all you want, that doesn't erase the practical effects it is having RIGHT NOW. Think of that next time you light up that joint (no, it's not being grown in some hippy commune in northern California), think of that next time you do a line. But you won't (I'm talking about users here, not you, relax) because you're selfish and you don't give a fuck about other people's suffering.

Comment The cab drivers... (Score 1) 201 201

Put yourself in their position. Let's say as a software engineer, in order to ply your craft, you are legally required to obtain a certificate from the government that costs 100 grand, up front, before you can ever get a job. You can't get around it, you can't operate out of Belize, you can't just do it on the side on the downlow. You want that job at google? Pay the 100K. You want that freelance job developing your cousin's business website? Pay the 100K or get arrested when the IRS finds out you didn't get the 100K token. It's not your fault, you have to do it.

Now say some startup bullies their way into the market with offshore workers out of India and places them in the jobs you are competing for for free, without having to get the tokens for them, without having to pay malpractice insurance, without having to even file taxes.

You gonna be cool with that? I mean it's not your fault you had to jump through the hoops to ply your trade.

Solution? Either make this startup pay for tokens and get insurance for them and do everything YOU have to do, or have the token system abolished and make it so you don't have to have insurance to work AND make the startup compensate you by refunding your token for you as a requirement to enter the market and compete with you.

Comment Re:How the executive wipes away democratic power? (Score 2) 121 121

The process that saw the rise of Senator Palpatine to Emperor cannot really be compared to anything you might have seen in any western democracy any time recently. It's more the sort of thing that you saw give rise to the Kim dynasty in North Korea but even that, I can't think of anything comparable.

1) Senator Palpatine becomes Chancellor by capitalizing on Trade Federation's aggression on his home planet

2) Chancellor Palpatine invokes extraordinary powers to take action against separatists, to fight a war. He commissions a grand army for the republic, a federal army so to speak, as opposed to each system (state) having its own security apparatus. The senate approves because it's war and everything. The twist though, is he is the one behind the separatist uprising. He's controlling both sides. So maybe if you buy in to the idea that 911 was an inside job, that would be comparable with Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld doing away with the niceties of civil rights and all.

3) The Jedi discover that Palpatine is a Sith Lord and attempt to assassinate him. After easily killing the 4 jedi who come for him, he rallies the senate to turn the army against the Jedi and eradicate them. That's a pretty rational response if you think about it, from the senate and the population's point of view, they don't know what a Sith Lord is. The Jedi are an eccentric cult that bullies and intimidates its opponents.

4) Senator Jar Jar Binks takes part in the vote to give Palpatine imperial powers and Palpatine eventually disbands the senate

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