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Comment: Re:Sure (Score 1) 343

by dmartine40 (#29166349) Attached to: First European Provider To Break Net Neutrality
We get pissed because we - as consumers - have this funny notion that we're entitled to high-speed internet when our ISP advertises and promises to deliver it. Now if it really is one percent of the users who abuse it, go after them, not everyone else. Now, if you go up to any of the consumers of these services, they'll tell you just like I am that they/we are not abusing the service. But let's be honest, those who do probably have a good idea they are offending. And I'm pretty sure the ISP has some way to determine where all the bandwidth is going.

Comment: Re:(very) Old news (Score 2, Insightful) 199

by dmartine40 (#29157387) Attached to: Obstacles Near Emergency Exits Speed Evacuation
While this looks like the result of such a design, I wonder if the effect it has on crowds isn't distraction? I would guess that a wide-open exit route, while giving people all the room necessary to evacuate, may also (inadvertently) give them the "freedom" to guage their movement and personal space relative to each other. In a big enough group, it wouldn't take much, or long, to turn an evacuation like this into chaos. Could that be where excessive crowding would occur?

But place a big enough obstacle along the route and these people could refocus their navigation around one static object, rather than on the less predictable movement of others in the crowd.

This is pure speculation of course.

Comment: Re:Free speech and democracy? (Score 1) 869

by dmartine40 (#29126249) Attached to: Flickr Yanks Image of Obama As Joker
Only if one bashes Bush and Republicans, based on what I've been seeing latesly. I know I'm trolling here, but seriously, something's gotta change here. It's getting old, hearing about "freedom of speech" and "open-mindedness" when all it really means that it only applies when you're towing the party line.

Comment: Re:No Spin Zone... (Score 1) 881

by dmartine40 (#28967929) Attached to: Murdoch Says, "We'll Charge For All Our Sites"
Absolutely - That Murdoch is considering charging for his content, and that this may be a risky move on his part isn't an issue. At least I wouldn't consider it as much an issue as the spin and speculation already put into the submission itself. From what I have read so far in this forum, it seems a lot of commentors have taken the first line out of this summary as a foregone conclusion.

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