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Comment Re:tissue donation an option for many more than or (Score 1) 284

Very insightful comment -- tissue donation is one of the most altruistic (and underrated) things one can do for society. However, I had a chance to see an organ procurement procedure while shadowing, and it really turns your stomach to see physicians rummage through the body looking for spare parts (i.e.:

"On my 3rd year surgery rotation at about 2am one night we had a harvest of an 8yo boy killed in a car accident (he was riding his bike). It was awful, everyone came in and just took what they wanted like it was some sort of morbid shopping trip. The transplant resident was 5 months pregnant at the time and when we were almost at the end she started crying, which set me and the anesthesia resident crying. It was just us and the nurses in there, all crying for the little boy as we closed. It was so awful, and I'm just glad that I'll be dead when they harvest my organs. And this might be weird, but I secretly hope that someone cries for me as they're closing." Quote

I'm all for organ donation, but honestly, it can be quite sad.

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