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Comment: Re:Not news. Netflix bought net connection like us (Score 1) 135

by dloyer (#46867511) Attached to: Netflix Confirms Deal For Access To Verizon's Network


This is about monopoly pricing and you will pay the price.

Verizon already charges consumers the most they can. They have maximized the revenue flow from consumers.

Now they want to charge content providers for access to their users. A whole new source of incremental revenue.

This has nothing to do with the cost of providing service. This is all about maximizing revenue. There is NO benefit to the consumer other than Verizon will provide the service they already paid for. Consumer bills will not be reduced since the consumer is already willing to pay it. But the cost of services like Netflix will increase. So there will be a net increase in wealth transfer from consumers to the shareholders of Verizon and ATT.

It will mean that content providers will no longer be able to buy bandwidth from one source. They will need to make deals with every ISP. It is exactly like every road becoming a toll road.

The actual cost of data center to data center bandwidth is shockingly low. I buy bandwidth for our data center and the stated arguments from Verizon to justify the new toll rings hollow. The new charges are not to upgrade equipment. That costs very little. It is just a new revenue source.

Comment: I was hoping he was a super intelligent rouge AI (Score 1) 390

by dloyer (#46420241) Attached to: Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto Outed By Newsweek

Hugely disappointed it that is just some old slightly crazy geezer.

It would make a great sci-fi story if it was really a rouge AI that became incredibly powerful by redefining the concept of money in a way that it could create at will. It would create a new empire without anyone realizing that it was not actually human.


Comment: Nay-Sa should get out of the way (Score 1) 203

by dloyer (#29999544) Attached to: NASA May Drop Ares I-Y Test Flight

NASA is paralized by its own size and poltical bagage.

Space should be explored and public money should go to help fund it, but by people not afraid to try new things and maybe die in the process.

People are going to die, while exploring space, just like every other new environemnt. I dont see anything wrong with that. It is still worth doing.

Comment: It is all a question of leverage (Score 2, Insightful) 198

by dloyer (#28158011) Attached to: Paul Wilmott Wants To Retrain and Reform Wall Street's Quants
Betting too large on any trading system will gurentee that you blow out your account.

Hardest part is controling the emotions of greed and fear. When things are working, it is temping to make bigger bets. If the bets are too large, they will wipe out the account, or even fund when the natural and normal losses hit.

Risk Managment often goes out the window during good times.

Comment: It is all about making money for lawyers (Score 1) 247

by dloyer (#27979431) Attached to: Lawsuit Says Google's Sale of Keywords Is Illegal

Just another way that lawyers can put money in their pocket at the expense of someone else.

That is the ONLY function the civil court system performs well.

There is really no point to work to earn money. Some lawyer to just make up some reason to take it from you.

It is a completely corrupt system that exists only to enrich members of the bar. More people have to understand that it is nothing like on TV. Every lawyer I have met is selfish, small minded and greedy.

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