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Comment: Re:Efficiency. (Score 1) 937

by dknight (#45909031) Attached to: Who Is Liable When a Self-Driving Car Crashes?

you're not wrong, but I just want to throw out there (because this gets ignored a lot) that it depends largely on the car in question.

For the *vast* majority of cars, you are 100% entirely correct.

However I have owned several cars (usually of the performance variety) that actually get their peak MPG around 75-80mph - I had a Corvette, rated for under 30mpg highway, that could cruise at 75mph and get 35mpg, as an example.


Disney Pulls a Reverse Santa, Takes Back Christmas Shows From Amazon Customers 418

Posted by samzenpus
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Sockatume writes "Since 2011, Amazon Instant Video has sold a series of Christmas shorts from Disney called 'Prep and Landing'. Unfortunately this holiday season, Disney has had a change of heart and has decided to make the shorts exclusive to its own channels. The company went so far as to retroactively withdrawn the shows from Amazon, so that customers who have already paid for them no longer have access. Apparently this reverse-Santa ability is a feature Amazon provides all publishers, and customers have little recourse but to go cap-in-hand to a Disney outlet and pay for the shows again."

Comment: hearthstone is *addictive* (Score 4, Informative) 131

by dknight (#45673893) Attached to: Game Preview: <em>Hearthstone</em>

I'm a pretty hardcore RTS gamer (StarCraft II) but holy cow HearthStone is so fun that I've mostly abandoned SC2 in favor of racking up time there instead.

I definitely want the iOS release to hurry up so I can play on my iPad.

The thing that is surprising is, even with only a handful of emotes for communication, people still find ways to BM you :D But seriously, this is a REALLY REALLY fun game, and is going to make Blizzard some ungodly sum of money.

Comment: Re:Bring on the wearable interfaces. (Score 1) 453

Dude, I used to work for a defense contractor. I can daydream like nobody else.

Thankfully, my current employer is vastly better, and I almost never have to deal with useless meetings anymore. But oh man, back in the day? They were *awful*

My bad attitude at work... got me an incredible job offer from an amazing company who actually respects me. :D

Comment: Re:Bring on the wearable interfaces. (Score 3, Insightful) 453

I'm sorry, but that is largely a load of crap.

I have had to attend a great many meetings in my day that were entirely irrelevant to me, my job, etc. There was no reason for me to be there, other than the fact that a manager wanted me to physically be there.

Now, you can argue that I should not have to attend useless meetings, but the older generation is stuck on them and so we have little choice. That is not to say that no meetings have merit, of course.

Being able to sit quietly in an irrelevant meeting isn't actually a particularly useful skill in the rest of life, so I can hardly blame anyone for wanting something to do or some other distraction during them.

You may consider it impolite or disrespectful. I consider it disrespectful to make me waste an hour of my time because you feel the need to show your self-importance by calling unnecessary meetings and forcing people who have no need to go to them to be there.

The Media

Science Magazine "Sting Operation" Catches Predatory Journals In the Act 194

Posted by timothy
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sciencehabit writes "A sting operation orchestrated by Science's contributing news correspondent John Bohannon exposes the dark side of open-access publishing. Bohannon created a spoof scientific report, authored by made-up researchers from institutions that don't actually exist, and submitted it to 304 peer-reviewed, open-access journals around the world. His hoax paper claimed that a particular molecule slowed the growth of cancer cells, and it was riddled with obvious errors and contradictions. Unfortunately, despite the paper's flaws, more open-access journals accepted it for publication (157) than rejected it (98). In fact, only 36 of the journals solicited responded with substantive comments that recognized the report's scientific problems. The article reveals a 'Wild West' landscape that's emerging in academic publishing, where journals and their editorial staffs aren't necessarily who or what they claim to be."

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by dknight (#44868847) Attached to: Gabe Newell Talks Linux As the Future of Games at LinuxCon NA

I hope I missed something here!

you arent the only one!
I'm a 30 year old married gamer, with a good job (I work for a reasonably prestigious silicon valley company).

I game a *lot* on my PC. StarCraft II mostly, but I play a lot of Diablo 3 and WoW as well.

So I've got to assume the GP is insane or joking or something. Either that or he's a troll.

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by dknight (#43535395) Attached to: Cause of LED Efficiency Droop Finally Revealed

while I mostly agree with you, I couldnt tell you how many kWh of electricity my home consumed last month. I could tell you what I paid for it, but no idea the actual consumption numbers - the cost is what is relevant to me, so I never feel any particular need to know the kWh. I'm sure plenty of other folks are the same way.

Data Storage

+ - How do you manage an overly large media collection?

Submitted by
dknight writes "I have an extremely large media collection. Probably 1500 DVDs and 400-500 Blu Ray discs. While I love having such a large collection, it is so big that its impossible for me to find anything. I've finally decided that it may be worth my time to invest in buying or building some sort of automated storage/retrieval system, much like those tape robots. I assume buying one may be prohibitively expensive, but I do have access to lots of electronics components and some expertise. Am I better off buying? Building? How would you do it? If at all possible, I'd like to keep the media in its case while in storage, and have the device retrieve the case rather than just the disc."

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