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Comment Follow the money? (Score 2) 52

Does Backup have everything that Cuda and Copy do, but cost more. It sounds like one of those "these services that you actually use because they're cheap are going away to steer you toward our more costly services" kind of articles.

It may be that those costly services don't even have the functionality you were using (ie a Linux client).

I could be off-base and Backup is pretty different from Copy. I haven't used either.

Comment Re:Penny (Score 1) 702

I think a big part of the hesitation to change currencies here, whether coin or paper, is the installation of machine readers (meaning vending machines, atms, etc). Obviously there are vending machines in other countries that handle different size bills so the problem isn't insurmountable, and it might generate some jobs (though I would consider it busy-work). I don't think any machines take pennies any more. A pay phone might take nickels, but that's about it.

I figure prices can stay the same. If you're paying by card (electronically) or by check then the price stands. If you're paying in cash it's rounded to the nearest small denomination (say $0.10 in this case). If the shop wants to take the policy that it rounds up at 0.03 then so be it, but state that up front.

Comment Re:Why is Diablo showing this? (Score 2) 148

This is what I came to say. Why would an application draw from memory it hasn't written to yet? I know that games often go to a black screen at launch. Is it just chance that it chose an area that was zeroed vs random garbage? I would think that if it just pulled from the beginning of memory that people would see some old image pretty often. Maybe that is the case and we just perceive it as a flicker unless it hangs for a moment as it did for him.

Comment Re:3D printers don't jail people (Score 1) 313

I figure the solution is simple. All you need to do is hack the government officials computers and drop the files then make some concerned citizen phone calls. All the officials go to jail for a decade and we can move on with some more intelligent replacements (hopefully).

Of course, in reality your phone calls about questionable contents on govt official computers would go ignored and nothing would change. You'd probably get caught and go to jail for computer crimes. But one can dream.

Comment Re:Autonomous "Driving" needs to be truly driverle (Score 1) 247

The issue here is informing the public. Being a non-pilot myself I have no idea how the "system" notifies the pilot that he needs to take control. Then how does the pilot indicate that he's is ready to take control?

The last thing I want is the car "I don't know what to do. You take it" and giving up control. If there's a buzzer and/or light indicating "I want you to take control" while it continues so I can grab the wheel and hit a button or tap the brakes (like turning off cruise control) would work fine in my opinion. I think manual mode is necessary for places that an autonomous car just won't know how to handle. Some service vehicle need to go down a service road (essentially a dirt road, perhaps overgrown some). I don't think an autonomous car will gladly go driving through the woods. The service roads along train tracks would also be places you don't want "user" vehicles, but service vehicles need to go on. Service vehicles also have arbitrary destinations, or "stop here" moments.

Your regular user vehicle is a much simpler "take me to the mall" use case. An autonomous car might even be able to drop you off and go park itself. How nice would that be at Christmas time?

Comment Re:Black Boxes??? (Score 1) 247

I don't agree with the "shared roads" argument. It feels like a "if you want to use this you need to use it this way" policy. I'm more of a "once I bought it I'll use it how I'd like to" kind of guy.

That said you can feel free to remove your black box, but when my black box does not demonstrate that I'm at fault and you don't have a black box - guess who's at fault? You are. At least that's how the law should be worded.

A black box doesn't transmit data anywhere so there is no tracking/spying. Unless someone's coming to your car an regularly downloading the last X minutes of activity (all the black box records) then you're safe. The only time it's data comes into play is when they read that data after an accident.

Comment Re:Geofences (Score 1) 165

Yea. I was thinking that both examples given are temporary no-fly locations. The woods (where the forest fire is) would normally be a fine place to fly. A police manhunt is "right now in this location", but certainly not a fixed area like "the airport".

So you can't expect something like a car navigation system or a tom tom to have a clue about those areas, because they probably never get updated.

It would have to be a live "tell me no-fly zones near me" web-like or continuous broadcast radio/satellite style system.

Cell data built in would raise the cost quite a bit. If they built a radio system and dedicated some channel to it then airports/fixed locations could have dedicated hardware broadcasting and police could have mobile broadcasters. Just like cell phone jammers and stingrays they have now. Firefighters could do likewise.

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