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Comment George Carlin said it best (Score 2) 194

Like George Carlin said, you are aware that there are two knobs on the tv - one to change the channel and one to turn it off. If you don't like it go F yourself.

I may have paraphrased that a bit. And I'm aware that your TV likely has no knobs. So if you were going to whine about that you can definitely F off.

The Theon scenes were disturbing, and they were meant to be. Nothing about torture should be appealing. Nothing from those scenes was simply made up or sensationalized, those were all torture or psychological warfare that people have done in the past. History is filled with cruel things that people have done to each other. History also shows redeeming factors that can restore faith in humanity.

Nothing in GoT should make anyone say to themselves "Hey, let's go rape/torture/poison/etc someone today." If you're claiming that a show is sensationalizing something, you would think that the show was making it seem OK or at least less bad. I don't think GoT is doing that at all.

I notice they're not complaining about GoT's depiction of homosexuality as buggery and bad.


Comment Re:What is really happening (Score 1) 318

It would be interesting if you could filter everything with the windows firewall installed on the box. Most of it you can turn off by selecting the right options at various points of the install or later in the control panel / settings. Those are at least somewhat clear on what they are going to affect.

The tough part is figuring out what things you do or don't want and how to block the various things piecemeal. For instance I want windows update to do it's thing, but I don't want every keystroke sent to the mother ship.

Comment Waste (Score 1) 258

City councilman Johnny Khamis dismissed such criticism: "This is a public street. You're not expecting privacy on a public street."

And I'm not expecting my city to blow thousands of dollars on something it doesn't need either. How much does it cost? Some for the hardware, some for maintenance, some for the DB and software running it, some for the data connection, and none of that goes away. So congratulations you just raised the cost to live in your community.

The so called benefit was to reduce car theft, so now a car thief needs a screw driver so he can remove the plates....ooooh, I don't think they'll figure that out.

Pun intended on the subject line.

Comment Mailbox (Score 1, Interesting) 434

From what I've heard, and it's not like I'm following it closely, Hillary was not given an email address by the government (using the general term). So she continued to use her own.

Why isn't the investigation into how someone got appointed Secretary of State and no one thought to create an email account? The fact that months in nobody said "Hey, why doesn't she have an email account?" strikes me as odd. That no one sending her emails rose a red flag saying "why don't you have a government email?" strikes me as even more odd. This seems like a colossal IT failure and taking it out on the user is asinine. Of course, it seems to me that she also failed to request a government email box.

For all the buzz that Republicans are making such a fuss about this email failure I would like to remind you about the W. flub where the white house IT said "oops, we can't retrieve old emails".

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 1) 549

Pretty much your only option is to test that the car behind is not decelerating (within some % tolerance) and knowing that a rear ender is possible... then you can tap the horn. It might annoy or confuse others around, but it also might get the attention of the driver behind you giving them the time to make a quick stop. It the only communication mechanism you have then the brake lights aren't enough.

Comment Re:Another blow to states' RIGHTS. (Score 1) 446

Now that is about the best argument I've heard from that side.

Perhaps we should drop the "GMO" argument and start discussing "Spliced". It we label food as comping from Spliced crops or not then people can decide whether they want to take part in the public health test or not. We've been eating non-spliced food for thousands of years and that has worked out fairly well. In 20 years or so we'll fine out whether spliced food seems ok or not, but only if the public has a clue what they're eating.

On a tangent I'll say that the reason for America's decline lately is because we're poisoning our food supply. If you look at the health impact studies they'll conclude that the problem of a desk job is being stationary, and the problem with couch potatoes is that they are stationary, then we allow farmers to grow our meat in gestation crates and cages where the animal can't even turn around. We also feed these animals crops that aren't part of their natural diets because it's cheaper. Then we spray those crops with pesticides and weed killers that they're spliced to resist. Sometimes we give those foods a quick rinse before serving, because that washes away all the bad.

Comment Re:So wait... (Score 1) 58

Of course I didn't read the article, but I imagine it went down more like this:

FBI: We know of some groups hosting what we deem to be illegal content within your borders and we'd like to shut them down. If you agree to tag along we can call this a cooperative effort. As a bonus you'll get to keep the servers we confiscate.

RO: Well, OK.

Comment Love em (Score 1) 340

I have a VersaTable which allows for sit/stand and an easy transition between the two. I also bought anti fatigue mats at the same time so I'm not standing on the hard wood floor. I have never been so happy with a decision. It took a few adjustments to find my happy standing position. I almost never sit anymore. My chiropractor would confirm that he can tell the difference (a change for the better).

Like the post above mine I have a large mouse pad and sit much of my forearm on the desk. I have a secondary monitor at the back of the desk (I got the 30" wide desk). I absolutely love it. I'll even game for hours standing. There's no question that it's better than sitting. I've had mine for about 8 months.

[A computer is] like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy. -- Joseph Campbell