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Comment: Re:eMac (Score 1) 345 345

I have been running Debian with XFCE on my eMac for a few years now and would recommend it. Alsa is buggy, you need to run alsa-conf each time after a reboot, limited Flash (PPC in general), limited Win codecs (PPC in general), depending on your hardware version the display settings can be funky and may need to be changed before you run X for the first time. It would be a better choice on the hardware, I tried Fedora for a moment and promptly went back to Debian.

Comment: Remember Power Computing anyone? (Score 1) 621 621

Exactly, a lot of people here don't seem to realize Apple had their OS on other peoples machines and it really hurt them. They didn't sell product because the other machines kicked ass. Power Computing made awesome machines and had awesome marketing that made them look like Apple reincarnate. Radius had a 8100 clone that looked way cooler than any beige box Apple sold, perfect for Radius' graphic/video market, plus they were the former Mac team. Motorola had a cheap PPC box, Daystar had a dual and quad processor clone, and Umax had some nice cheap albeit ugly machines.

I would buy a clone in a second if the company wouldn't be obliterated before my warranty ended. But it won't happen because the aesthetic merits of a Macintosh,iPod,iPhone,iWhatever, would be cheapened by low end consumer bullshit... Which is how Apple would see it and rightly so. It is trite, but a Lexus LX is cooler than a Land Cruiser. Pretty much the same car, but the price and packaging is different. One you take offroad and have fun in, the other you can too but most want to be seen in it (i.e no dust). Shit, maybe Apple should do as Toyota. Make cheap computers under another name for a separate demographic.

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Disclaimer: I drive a real Land Cruiser not the mallrat FJ80/UZJ100/200 in my analogy. And found despite the FAQs you can run OS X on a Toshiba 1135.

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