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Comment: Web development possibly? (Score 1) 352

by djveer (#26304841) Attached to: Interesting Computer Science Jobs?
With web development you are coding but you also get to spend a lot of time with various departments and people organizing various aspects of the site you're designing. Web development has a lot of creative aspects too for things like creating images, interactive media, and user interfaces. Just my two cents. -djv

Comment: Great, but i'm not entirely convinced. (Score 1) 341

by djveer (#26132611) Attached to: Chinese Automaker Unveils First Electric Car
Battery powered electric cars seem like a great idea for most of the warmer climates, but here in Winnipeg it's -45 F with the windchill. The motor in my electric window struggled to work this morning even after the engine had warmed up.

What happens when EVERYTHING is powered by electricity?