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Comment: Better quality more lag (Score 1) 16

Compared to their previous video, the density of the 3d scan is better though it doesn't really put textures. But for games there's so much delay when he moves forward to push that blue button, and also it smooths the motion so much i really doubt it can be used especially in a controller. I can't see it used in something better than a Kinect Joy Ride 2.0. There are already low quality lidars for vacuum cleaners (like neato xv11) than can be used to do that better, and this summer there's the Lidar Lite that's out so we'll see how it compares. But I don't have hopes for the project tango.

Comment: Bad quality compared to existing lowcost solutions (Score 4, Interesting) 55

by djscoumoune (#47082803) Attached to: Google Rumored To Be Making 3D-Scanning Tablets
Google's project looks very very low quality. There are already projects, like using the lidar from a vaccum cleaner neato xv-11 or from distance mesuring lasers There's another cool project that looks very promising for 3d scanning. It uses odometry and scans from 2 webcams. It's still early but you can download it in the video link

+ - Bitcoin Transactions Carrying Wikileaks Files, Code, Pictures

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Secret messages have been hidden in Bitcoin transactions since the first one 2009. By using hexadecimal messages hackers have found a way to send files. Since the blockchain is shared by every computer in the transaction, it is possible to retrieve these messages. On his blog, Ken Shirriff shares messages he's found, from pictures and Python code to a 2.6 Mbs Wikileaks manual."

Comment: Re:Old news? (Score 4, Informative) 87

by djscoumoune (#45957235) Attached to: CES 2014: 3-D Scanners are a Logical Next Step After 3-D Printers
You're probably thinking of which is opensource. Here it's a video of David3d scanner. But there are other opensource programs that don't require a laser like VisualSFM and CMPMVS, or PPT GUI

Comment: Make laws to punish flaws (Score 2) 74

by djscoumoune (#41679359) Attached to: Hackers' 'Zero-Day' Exploits Stay Secret For Ten Months On Average
If software companies were punished for the security holes (or when they leak their databases) then it would become cheaper for them to hire people to fix flaws in house. After all it's easier to find flaws when you have access to the code in the first place. It's not normal that more exploits are found than fixed. It means that more hackers are employed that there should.

Comment: Re:Delicious Pro-Nuclear butthurt tears (Score 1) 56

by djscoumoune (#39134777) Attached to: NRC Releases Audio of Fukushima Disaster
The official count is 4 deaths, but I remember seeing an unofficial count a few month ago and it was something like 500 because most workers are reported as missing. And based on Three Miles Island studies there'll be a 1 million cancer increase in the next 20 years.

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