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Comment Fear driven laws (Score 1) 279

This is what happens when the government allows the entertainment industry to have their way with legislation. Overly prohibitive laws void of any common sense when enforced that creates obstacles that should not exist. It's a Tractor computer; not the latest hot selling album or movie.

These copyright laws exist because the entertainment industry has a death grip on antiquated business models where they always maintain tight control over their content. They don't see the need to change because they are too busy chasing pirates.

Comment Re:This is why I don't go to movie theatres (Score 1) 279

The movie industry is frightened of their own shadow. CAM piracy is so uncommon and the quality poor that it isn't worth investing in the equipment to stop it. They probably haven't even caught enough pirates to break even yet. Not to mention that it degrades the experience for all customers and leads to awful misunderstandings.

Glad none of the theatres around where I live do this.

Comment djnforce9 (Score 1) 217

Does not bother me personally as I use Steam for all my games anyway but I can see how this could upset anyone who prefers physical copies; worse yet if someone bought it without realizing and had a poor net connection preventing them from downloading it.

I wonder why couldn't they at least pre-load the base data and only use Steam for patching/updates.

Comment Re:It's a shame many are prone to failures (Score 1) 43

All Nintendo has to do is port the entire Virtual Boy library to the 3DS and you'll get the 3D display without the annoyances the Virtual Boy had. Outside of that, the emulator plus 3DTV works very well and ends up being far better than the original hardware because you won't get a headache and sore neck from it.

Comment I agree. (Score 1) 161

I agree with this article. Sending an angry e-mail is akin to getting revenge in that you are upset and want the other person to know it. This may feel satisfying at first but it tends not to end well.

Either it opens the door to escalating matters (should you receive an even ANGRIER response) or the sender reads their message after calming down only to be horrified at what they said.

I prefer to wait until I am calm and collected; always easier to type when not emotional and it ensures I never say anything I will regret later.

Comment Re:sega channel (Score 1) 75

That could work but the period of time before rotating titles would need to be greatly increased because games take waaaaaay longer to beat nowadays than back in the Sega Genesis era. For example, you could blaze through Sonic the Hedgehog in maybe an hour or less but even modern platformers have a 10+ hour play time before completion (unless you are speed-running or insanely good at the game).

Sony's current pricing scheme is not going to work as it's just way too much for little time. Hopefully the excess is just to fund the project and complete development and NOT the final rates (much like the game which costs $75 for early access although I cannot remember its title off-hand).

Comment Wow! Me too!! (Score 1) 109

This story is REALLY uncanny because I am about the do the same thing only in my case, it's not just for the Oculus but everything in general. For example, I like 3D movies a lot but it's a pain either choosing between blurred vision or wearing TWO sets of glasses on my face obscuring the quality of the image in the process. Also, certain headphones are a royal pain to wear as they push the arms of the glasses into my cheek which can get rather painful after a while. Just $2200 though? Mine will be more than that but I guess it depends on where this person is getting it done and how bad their eyes are.

Comment Great idea. (Score 1) 139

I like this idea as some apps are deceptive in that they appear free but are really not due to micro transactions. Others are also labelled as "free" when they are really just shareware that requires a purchase to unlock all the functions. Apple should really follow suit as the same problem exists in that app store too.

I always liked the notion of having a feature complete free version that is Ad supported only and then a paid one that is ad free rather than micro-transactions but that's just me.

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