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Guillermo del Toro Will Direct "The Hobbit" 472

Posted by Soulskill
from the passing-the-reins dept.
jagermeister101 tips us to news that Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings production team have officially selected Guillermo del Toro to direct the upcoming Hobbit film and its sequel. del Toro's resume includes films such as Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, and Blade 2. This confirms rumors which began after the controversy between Jackson and New Line Cinemas was resolved last year.
Hardware Hacking

WiiMan, the Nintendo Wii Super Hero 46

Posted by timothy
from the good-use-of-free-time dept.
rafaelmizrahi writes "WiiMan the Super Hero is a full action figure costume of a super hero that functions as a Nintendo WiiMote remote. Having trouble playing Wii? WiiMan to the rescue. This GarageGeeks project combines Gaming, Technology and Useless Activity to the extreme. Rafael Mizrahi, an artificial vision and experience explorer at Feng-GUI and a GarageGeeks member along with Yael Hertzog built this custom costume that acts as a fully functional Nintendo WiiMote remote with buttons, bluetooth, accelerometers, and an IR cam. BTW, last year, they built another hero, The Guitar Hero Noid, a robot built with Tal Chalozin that plays the PlayStation game Guitar Hero." (You might have better luck reaching the GarageGeeks site's Google cache.)

Comment: Re:Madison is UW, Milwaukee is UW-M (Score 1) 203

by djkidroo (#18413559) Attached to: University of Wisconsin-Madison Bucks RIAA
Actually, we just call it Madison. We call other campuses by their city name. (Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Stout, Whitewater...etc) Nobody I've known calls it UW unless they're describing the campus they go to (ie UWEC, UWM, UWSP)...or they go to Madison, and think they're special because they consume more beer than the rest of us. Normally, the follow up to "I go (went) to UW" is "which one?".

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