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Input Devices

+ - How to Bootstrap a new technology

Submitted by
djk1024 writes "I've just filed for a patent on a new approach to motion capture that is simple, cheap, easy, accurate and portable. It's RF based , accurate to 1 mm. and simple enough that a sophisticated hobbyist could build one in a couple weekends from plans and standard electronics.

So now what? I quit my job and have been working on this full-time for the past couple years, now I'm broke so can't continue development on my own. I'm also not an electrical or RF guy so I'm not able to carry on my own independent development on the electronics. So I'm quite frustrated at this point. I think I've got the greatest thing since sliced bread; the possibility of cheap consumer level motion capture and I don't have decent strategy for getting it off the ground. I've been in the software development field for over 30 years and I gone through a large number of start ups, but always just as the head techie, and always as part of a team. This doing it alone sucks.

I would love some advice on how I can best go forward.


--- Dennis"

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