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Comment Re:Just don't IoT (Score 1) 40

As long as there is zero accountability, there is zero reason to do anything about it.

Whether a company does anything that cuts into their bottom line is similar to whether they break a law: What does it cost to do it vs. how likely is it to happen and what does it cost if if happens. If either of the latter two (usually the last one) is zero, it will not happen.

Comment Re:What court? (Score 1) 128

I tend to limit my comments to things I know a lot about. But this is the first time I've ever been called a troll. Makes me feel like a true member of the Slashdot community. };->

I would consider you a member in good standing - you have a highly moderated post and don't seem to know much about the FISA court.

What is the FISA court?
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

You'll know you've stepped up your game when you regularly get modded down for posting factual, relevant material about the topic being discussed.

Comment Re:Bullshit.... (Score 1) 128

There really isn't any part of your comment that applies to this situation. Collecting the phone records was a minor and relatively inexpensive program that doesn't have much of anything to do with the rest of their surveillance capabilities. They aren't doing this because of a court order but because of the President and Congress taking action.


Creator of Relay On BITNET, Predecessor of IRC, Dies ( 26

tmjva writes: Jeff Kell passed away on November 25 as reported here in the 3000newswire. He was inventor of BITNET Relay, a predecessor of Internet Relay Chat using the REXX programming language.

In 1987 he wrote the following preserved article about RELAY and here is his obituary.. May this early inventor rest in peace.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 5, Interesting) 166

Yup, pretty much this.

It's trivial to implement a serial connection in a microcontroller. All you need is a level shifter like the dime-for-dozen MAX232 and you're set. For USB, this requires a lot more implementation overhead (not to mention getting a genuine UID if you want to ship it), and literally EVERYONE who has ever even dabbled in microcontroller programming knows how to deal with a MAX232. Pushing information down the serial line is like the Hello World of microcontroller tinkering.

That's why you can still get PCI-E serial controller rather cheaply. And, lo and behold, almost all of them contain some variant of the MAX232.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.