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Comment: Re:Why is this surprising? (Score 1) 263

by djeaux (#28379653) Attached to: Nvidia Lauds Windows CE Over Android For Smartbooks

I would imagine that ... this is a political rather than an engineering decision.

I would imagine you are correct. Just based on the years I spent in management, I'd say about 85-90% of corporate decisions are based on "politics" or "marketing." Engineering only gets a small slice of the remaining 10-15%...

Comment: How ironic! (Score 2, Insightful) 836

by djeaux (#28379345) Attached to: Montana City Requires Workers' Internet Accounts
Considering that Montana is ground zero for right wing militia types (as well as pygmy pony & dental floss farmers). I think a lot of folks need to screw their heads back on, wake up & realize that it's the right-wing & not the left that poses the greatest threat to their privacy. Somebody up-thread asked if this was China. Nope, but it sure looks like Munich circa 1931. I'll betcha a dime to a doughnut that's a Republican city administration.
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+ - An invasion of privacy? Public "oversight"->

Submitted by
yfarren writes: "Well, here is a site aiming to make the DC Madame's phone list searchable. Other than it just being funny, what do people think about this, given our mood for discussing privacy, and holding politicians accountable. Are politicians entiteled to any privacy? Is a site like this an invasion of their privacy? Are their visits with a sex workers really related to their Job Performance? Should that change the way we think about them, when they make laws about Iraq, or the internet? What about their stands on things like gay marriage?"
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+ - Giant Squid washed ashore in Australia->

Submitted by twofish
twofish writes: Yahoo News is reporting that the carcass of a giant squid, nearly 8 meters in length, has washed ashore in Australia.

"It's a whopper," Tasmanian Museum senior curator Genefor Walker-Smith told local media on Wednesday. "The main mantle is about one meter across and its total length is about eight meters."

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