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Comment Re:Noise pollution (Score 1) 241

If you were handy, we'd do a little test. I'll take four different size multi-rotors up to 400' when you're not looking, and then we'll see how well you can tell where they are, which direction they're going, or if you can even hear them at all.

Then, I'll bring one in for a quick vertical landing at the same time a UPS diesel panel truck rolls up next to you to make a delivery, and you can tell me where the drone is, using only your ears.

You're speaking without experience, or deliberately trolling.

Comment Re:Americans...why ? (Score 1) 241

The massive amount of people killed each year

You mean the number that is far lower than the number of people killed through preventable accidents in hospitals? Or in car accidents? That sort of thing? The number that's been going steadily down for 30 years? The number half of which are suicides? The murders that are highly concentrated in just a handful of some sections of some urban areas that also feature high numbers of knifings, beatings, and other kinds of murders? Take those few urban areas (run, every one of them, for decades by progressive lefty legislatures/councils and executives) out of stats, and the murder rate in general (to say nothing of those that happened to involve the use of a firearm) are below 16 other modern western democracies including in Europe. In other words, "Americans" don't want to shoot anything/everything, but there are some urban areas in the US where politcal correctness and lefty politics have cultivated acute local crime problems. These are also the areas with the most draconian gun control laws, of course.

If you think your guns let you defend yourself against the government, you really need some help.

Which comment of mine are you replying to, exactly? Please be specific.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 0) 117

I was learning from a book. It's an item made of paper, it is of a rectangular shape with multiple pieces of paper of the same shape connected together in such a manner, that one can flip any piece of paper to look at either side of it and to move on to another piece of paper. On this paper there were various letters (similar to letters you would find in any online ad today) and also drawings. These letters and drawings were arranged in such a manner as to allow a person looking at them to sequentially retrieve pieces of information. The information retrieved from such a contraption was in a number of ways similar to what one can retrieve today by loading a page from any Wordpress site (or possibly even a Wiki site). Of-course on paper the hyperlinking could not be implemented in a feasible manner, so instead of clickable links there were textual references to other sources and that was definitely a shortcoming. On the other hand ad banners and kitty porn wasn't sprinkled throughout the pieces of paper (pages) and so it was easier to concentrate on the task of information retrieval.

Comment Re:Fun uber fact (Score 1) 111

You should have a long conversation with your next Uber driver.

Actually, I DO have long conversations with all my Uber drivers, and when I ask then how they like it and far, ALL of them have been quite emphatic about how much like liked doing it and the set up.

So far, the majority are either students, or adults with real jobs that just do it occasionally as supplemental income, but all seem to like it.

Comment Re:If they behave badly they are excluded. (Score 1) 173

>> If they behave badly they are excluded.

Except they aren't in today's society. For example, every time we try to "means test" welfare or food stamps or re-examine people fraudulently put on disability for life, there are a whole bunch of people who come out of the woodwork to whine about how unfair and mean all of us who pay the bills are.

Ugh....I wish I had mod points for this today...!!!

Comment Re:Time to invest in hard hats (Score 1) 241

Unless the parachute can steer it away, I'm not sure it would help much. The speed and momentum that would cause most of the damage would be from the vehicle striking it.

I'm replying from my phone with piss poor reception so i didn't get a chance to watch the video you linked to. Sorry if that already answered my point.

Comment Re:How does space elevator save energy? (Score 1) 126

The problem is that any "crawler"/"lift" would be limited to maybe 300km/h speeds optimistically, and as result take a month to reach GEO.

Let's see...a month at 300km/hr takes you 216000 km. Do you really think GEO is almost as far away as the moon? Or are you just arithmetically challenged?

Hint: at 300 km/hr, GEO is about five days away....

Comment Re:Fun uber fact (Score 1) 111

Say goodbye to Uber in Seattle.

I just don't get all the HATE that Uber and the like are getting...?

It allows folks to easily pick up a few bucks when they want to, and from my experience and other folks I know that use is...we LOVE the experience, nice drivers, very economical, etc.

That last part speaks loads with price low and convenience. I know if I'm gonna be out drinking, these days, I just do Uber all over town rather than driving around like you normally would have to do.

But geez....again, NO ONE is holding a gun to someone's head to drive for Uber and do the contracting thing. If you don't like it, don't do it..but don't ruin it for those that DO like the work model.

Good Lord, if we had all the fscking regulations and all in the early days of the US, we'd never have the nice things we do that no new ideas, company's, products or work models would have ever made it.

I'd venture to guess Buggy Whips would still be in fashion today, if we had todays' government and mindset back in the older days....

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