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Comment: Re:Actually I like the idea (Score 1) 186

Why not do both (all)? I did a contract a few years ago where the data from a select group of Canadian GPs was anonymized and collected for the general aim of checking on adherence of best-of-care guidelines. As in if you have diabetes there's an accepted protocol of treatment steps that's supposed to provide the best care possible with the resource available. It was a good thing. I think the motivations here in Canada work. The government wants to minimize costs and that means keeping you healthy. And going back to my previous point, I also have a condition where imbibing caffeine causing symptoms mimicking Bipolar II. The humans in the mental health profession here in Ontario missed it for 25 years. I'd sure like to give AI its shot. It sure couldn't do worse.

Comment: Watch out for caffeine (Score 5, Interesting) 260

by dixonpete (#45569813) Attached to: A Review of the "Mental Illness" Definition Might Prevent Crime
I spent 25 years in the mental health system regarded as a seriously bipolar person. Turns out it was caffeine and to a lesser extent chocolate and a host of medicines that was causing the effect. I've been 5.5 years now symptom free. Never forget to eliminate environmental causes for mental and physical health issues!

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I see driver errors nearly every day in my city of 350,000. Mostly they are about following too closely and entering an intersection and turning left or right without due regard to oncoming traffic. Two of my friends always used to make me nervous as hell because I felt they drove too close to the car in front. No issues now cuz neither of them drive any more since they crashed their cars.. I think autonomous driving makes a heckuva lot of sense. The accidents I've seen have been all caused by simple human error and bad driving habits. Remove that element and I'm sure most accidents will go away. Insurance for self-driving will necessarily sky-rocket.

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by dixonpete (#45321659) Attached to: Why Organic Chemistry Is So Difficult For Pre-Med Students
All I remember of that course was a husband and wife tag team who wrote indecipherably on overheads in a 500+ class classroom. In my view the course only existed to act as a filter to knock down averages of pre-med students. Did that well for me. Two years of straights A's then a 58 and an unplanned career in computer science.

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A lot of your argument seems to be predicated on your own personal confidence in your knowledge and abilities. In my experience the elevated position doctors tend to have in our society leads them to have something of a god complex. In my case I had years of classic celiac disease symptoms without a word of that being a possibility from a my doctors - I had to discover for myself by excluding foods till I finally hit on it. That was just one doctor. My other issue was a sensitivity to caffeine and other drugs that that created a condition akin to fairly incapacitating Bipolar II. 25 years in the mental health system, 6 psychiatrists and one involuntary hospitalization and nobody saw fit to suggest coffee might be to blame. I SAY BRING ON DR. WATSON ASAP! Would saved me decades of a very limited quality of life.

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by dixonpete (#42320881) Attached to: Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage
Call me Canadian but I would prefer that none of my neighbours had assault rifles. Just seems to me the odds of people dying goes up in direct proportion with the number of those weapons existing in my vicinity. 20 years ago I was pretty regular guy. Some issues with depression but nothing major and certainly I had no criminal record. Had I lived in the States and been so inclined I could have legally gotten possession of an armory worth of weapons. Then one day the psychiatrist I had been seeing prescribed Imipramine, one the old-school anti-depressants. I was unlucky enough to be genetically disposed to jump into full scale mania for six months because of this drug until the connection was made. I know, bad psychiatrist!! During the mania I acted entirely irresponsibly and had very little self control. I can only imagine what could have happened had I had access to weapons while I was in that state. And unfortunately that is the reality for the human condition. Sometimes regular people go nuts. And sometimes nutty people go nuttier. The more guns there are around the more opportunities there are for bad things to happen. And having assault rifles circulating in the civilian population just seems unwise to the extreme.

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