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+ - Your Chance to Help Write 21st Century Robot Rules->

Submitted by Froomkin
Froomkin (18607) writes "We Robot 2014: Risks & Opportunities is inviting submissions of paper proposals for an upcoming conference on legal and policy issues relating to robotics. Contributions can be scholarly papers or works-in-progress demos by robot developers. What issues should we be planning for as robots get increasingly sophisticated and autonomous, and are deployed everywhere from the home, to hospitals, to public spaces, and even to the battlefield? If the conference accepts your paper proposal, they'll pay your expenses to attend (assuming you actually write it)."
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Comment: Re:Uh, no (Score 4, Interesting) 897

by discogravy (#39338653) Attached to: How To Crash the US Justice System: Demand a Trial

And it's only two because nobody ever bothered with rock'n roll.

Rules and Regulations for Public Dance Halls ("no beating of drum to produce jazz effect") and also, Nazi hatred for jazz (I think this one is my favorite: "so-called jazz compositions may contain at most 10% syncopation; the remainder must consist of a natural legato movement devoid of the hysterical rhythmic reverses characteristic of the barbarian races and conductive to dark instincts alien to the German people (so-called riffs)"...)

Comment: Re:Laughable (Score 1) 79

by discogravy (#31583906) Attached to: Naming and Shaming "Bad" ISPs
because when the IP address block that was assigned to your IP is blacklisted, you won't be able to do shit except switch ISPs, then switch all your DNS entries (if you're a corp user) or hang out all day waiting for your new cable/dsl/whatever tech to show up to plug in your shiny new cable/dsl/whatever modem. That's why you would care about it.

Comment: Re:Do no evil, my ass. (Score 1) 271

by discogravy (#30940394) Attached to: Google Proposes DNS Extension
The internet is not the web; DNS has uses other than HTTP requests. Ping, traceroute, SMTP, FTP, to name a few. Please think back to the myriad things that broke when verisign started doing wildcard redirection. This is still a good idea, but to pretend that there aren't privacy/security concerns because "they were going to know anyway" is false.

Comment: Re:Fedora (Score 4, Insightful) 236

by discogravy (#29827455) Attached to: Fedora 12 Beta Released
There's a menu item for installing software, but honestly, if you don't know what yum is and how it's used to install software in redhat-based distros -- especially if you couldn't be bothered to google it and instead thought installing windows would be easier -- windows is where you need to be. that's not meant as an insult either; linux is not for you.

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