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Yep. This is really more a function of the (guest) OS than anything else. As long as the guest is OK booting under either hardware (physical and virtual) dynamically, it should work fine. It's been a long time since mainstream OSs couldn't do that. It can be a little tricky to set up the VM to use a physical partition, though. That's the part that bootcamp does for you, which is nice, but it's definitely not the only way to make this work.

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I don't know why everyone is confused about this, but this isn't "unique symbols." The palm pilot input method was innovative because it solved two problems with handwriting recognition. The first problem was that there was nowhere near enough processing power to run a real handwriting recognition algorithm (which existed at the time). The second was that because you are writing each letter in the same space, there is less information to work with. Without character spacing, you have no idea whether a stroke is part of the current glyph or the beginning of a new one. They solved both problems the same way: by making each character a single continuous path, and the direction/order matters. That makes the recognition easier, and it knows when you are done with a character because you lift the stylus.

The downside is that you have to invest quite a bit to learn how to do it. It's frustrating to have to learn how to do something you already know how to do: write.

This is more sophisticated. There is quite a bit of variation in the way people write letters, and without the prescribed continuous glyph, a lot of ambiguity.

Give them some credit. This isn't just a rehash of Graffiti. It's real handwriting recognition. I think that's impressive for such a small device. Not as limited as the palm pilot for sure, but still a very limited machine. It may be an incremental improvement, but that's what innovation is, literally, distinct from invention.

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Without ASLR, return to x exploits are trivial for all x. All that is needed is the address of a function (or any code -- it doesn't have to be the 'official' entry point of a function) that does something useful to the attacker, and a way to clobber the stack.

This doesn't really have anything to do with libc, except that it is a rich source of well known addresses (without ASLR). So what in the hell are you talking about?

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by disambiguated (#47916019) Attached to: Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't
You're both wrong/right. In order to supplant Objective-C, Swift would have to play well with the bazillion lines of Objective-C, and coexist with it for possibly a very long time. On the other hand, even if Apple "could not be more clear" that swift is built to supplant Objective-C, that doesn't mean it will succeed, and doesn't mean Apple won't change their mind. It's a gamble and they certainly know it. They keep that to themselves in order to encourage you to drink the cool-aid.

See also: Microsoft and .NET

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by disambiguated (#47876123) Attached to: Information Theory Places New Limits On Origin of Life
"essence of life" is an interesting choice of words. Here, read this.

Here's a few choice quotes:

Although now rejected by mainstream science, vitalism has a long history...

Vitalism is no longer philosophically and scientifically viable...

By 1931, "Biologists have almost unanimously abandoned vitalism as an acknowledged belief."

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Life is not one of the great scientific unknowns. Live and dead mice are not indistinguishable. No one today expects microbes to spontaneously come into being. Creating life from scratch is a technical problem, not a theoretical one. If stating so is pedantic then so be it.

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