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Comment: Next on Action News, your crime weather report! (Score 2) 228

by dirtydog (#37113950) Attached to: Santa Cruz Tests Predictive Policing Program

Thanks Jean and Fred (cue fake smiles and laughs all around)...

Well today we sure did have some isolated crimestorms dotted around the metro with scattered crimebursts in the outlying areas. Your forecast for tomorrow is a 40% chance of crime in the downtown area with a peak of 80% occurring around 4th and Vine. Out in the suburbs, we're looking at a 10% chance of domestic disputes, 40% chance of mom scoring some weed from the high school pimp, and about an 80% chance of teenage drinking as we head toward the weekend. This is all about normal for this time of year, so get out there and don't forget your umbrella! ...and the forecasts will be just as accurate as the regular weather...


+ - NASA's New Bag Turns Urine Into Sports Drink->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "NASA's Atlantis shuttle is set to launch this Friday, and its crew will be testing an innovative device that can recycle human urine into a sugary sports drink. The bag uses forward osmosis technology and features a semi-permeable membrane capable of isolating water from virtually any liquid. Recycling urine in this way has a significant effect on a ship’s payload, and considering that a single pound adds $10,000 of cost, that slight weight difference can translate to serious savings."
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+ - Old Linksys Routers Control BBQ Smokers->

Submitted by mache
mache (210555) writes "Its scary when you find two completely unrelated areas that you are passionate about merged. It happened to me with BBQ and hacking home network infrastructure. People have taken old Linksys WRT54G (and their derivatives) routers and made them into automatic temperature controllers for BBQ smokers. They support Wi-Fi and even have a web browser to monitor progress. More here"
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+ - When To Take Information Off Your Resume->

Submitted by
itwbennett writes "When you're 25, including college internship experience on your resume is ok. At age 40, it's not. 'Generally speaking, unless it’s relevant to a specific job you’re applying for, details over 15 years old or so are not of great value,' says Eric Bloom, a former CIO and president of Manager Mechanics LLC, a company specializing in IT leadership development. No matter how proud you may be of your past accomplishments, only include skills that are relevant today. 'For example,' says Bloom, 'I was quite expert in the Digital DEC 10 operating system in 1980. This would have no value on my current resume' — and it's way past the 15-year cutoff."
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Sharks Seen Swimming Down Australian Streets 210

Posted by samzenpus
from the we're-going-to-need-a-bigger-sidewalk dept.
As if the flood waters weren't bad enough for the people of Queensland, it now appears that there are sharks swimming in the streets. Two bull sharks were spotted swimming past a McDonald’s in the city of Goodna, Butcher Steve Bateman saw another making its way past his shop on Williams street. Ipswich councillor for the Goodna region Paul Tully said: "It would have swam several kilometres in from the river, across Evan Marginson Park and the motorway. It’s definitely a first for Goodna, to have a shark in the main street."

Denver Bomb Squad Takes Out Toy Robot 225

Posted by samzenpus
from the I-feel-safer-already dept.
An anonymous reader writes "A robot met its end near Coors Field tonight when the Denver Police Department Bomb Squad detonated the 'suspicious object,' bringing to an end the hours-long standoff between police and the approximately eight-inch tall toy. From the article: "'Are you serious?' asked Denver resident Justin Kent, 26, when police stopped him from proceeding down 20th Street. Kent said that he lived just past the closed area, but was told he would have to go around via Park Avenue.'"

Comment: how many of you sages live in rural areas??? (Score 1) 2058

by dirtydog (#33811804) Attached to: Firefighters Let House Burn Because Owner Didn't Pay Fee

Attention nutsacks who think the guvment should solve everything:

A lot of us (if not the vast majority) who live in rural areas do so because we DON'T WANT government services, because increased control and getting up in your business comes with it. Don't even get me started about subdivision by-laws.

I live in Tennessee, at least 20 miles from the nearest fire station, and I don't think we even have the option of buying fire service from them. Because of that, Farm Bureau is about the only insurance company that would even give me a policy. Besides paying for the policy, I have to pay $25 a year to be a Bureau member. If I don't pay that, guess what - no insurance. If you choose to live somewhere that requires you to be responsible enough to pay a HUGE yearly fee of $25 or even a whopping $75 per year to be covered, and you can't manage to do it, then quit your bitching and go live in Nannyville with everybody else.

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