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Comment Re:The "pause" has been mighty convinient (Score 2, Insightful) 248

But THIS time their predictions are accurate, and they really mean it. Sure, the goalposts keep moving, but the important thing is their prediction is apocalyptic, so you HAVE to listen and take action. The actual accuracy of the predictions isn't important.

Oh wait, you are interested in actually dealing with reality instead of an agenda?

Comment Re:Dude, wait... (Score 1) 681

Tact is nice, but why does it always have to come from the side of the non-believer ?

Both believers and non-believers have people in their camp with tact and without tact. Your own personal biases will color whether you attribute that to someone else's personal beliefs. In the age of the internet, you will always hear more from people who lack tact, because tactless people bray the loudest. What you read in these comments reveal more about a Slashdot user's personal perceptions than any larger reality.

Comment I see where the money went (Score 1) 126

Although some have expressed concern about the helmet being made of polycarbonate, there is no proven advantage to other materials over polycarbonate in a helmet, as long as it is done well. The helmet appears to be high-quality, and it is pretty light. It looks about as distracting as good mirrors and a nice gauge cluster, as long as you know how to use it. To me it looks worth the $1500. Not that I would buy it, but I see where the money went. It looks like a well-designed helmet and interface that is likely the future of helmets. Whiners that are scared of it are probably the same type of people who were scared of phones, radios, and any other technological innovation.

Comment Follow the money (Score 5, Informative) 393

I think you will find that those Republicans have industries that compete with Space X in their districts. This means Space X is doing so well they feel the industries in their own districts will lose money. Perhaps you could appeal to Republicans who don't have competing space industries in their district. But complaining about this as if its just republicans doing this is disingenuous. Politicians do this to give industries in their state and edge all the time.

Phil Plait:
"That’s why this whole thing looks to me to be a transparent attempt from members of our Congress to hinder a privately owned company that threatens their own interests. I’ll note that Boeing (the major SLS contractor) has a big plant in Alabama, Brooks’ (and Shelby’s) home state, and United Launch Alliance has its HQ in Colorado, home to Gardner and Coffman (it’s even in Coffman’s district). This sounds more like they’re trying to protect their own turf more than honestly wanting transparency from SpaceX."

You can read that here:

Comment Re:Windows 8.1 (Score 1) 681

One I wish I could do with the programs screen is to put the tiles down to text only if I want to. I have too many programs, and it is confusing to sort through colorful boxes instead of a nice alphabetical text list. The search feature is way stronger in Windows 8 than Windows 7, and I appreciate that very much. Windows 8 just had so many things about it that were ALMOST really good. Then some odd UI decision made it annoying instead of great.

Comment Re:pretty map meaningless without scale (Score 1) 266

They clearly state how much lead is shown: "The lead concentrations are roughly equivalent to what you’d get if you dissolved a small spoonful of frozen orange juice in 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools, Noble estimates" Of course, they never identify how much lead is in frozen orange juice, so I take my statement back.

Comment Re: What went wrong... (Score 1) 400

I agree, covering your son until he is 26 is a great thing. I think it would be even better to cover him until he is 72, don't you agree? Why stop at him being 26?

Do you see what the problem becomes? The problem becomes what do we want to cover and for how long. The answer depends on the amount of resources you want to devote to that issue. We could cover every medical condition for everyone forever until they die. Do we want to pay that amount of money as a society? What are the other implications of developing that kind of system? What abuses will occur? When you start taking other people's money to do something for yourself, you will find that other people have other priorities. Maybe they prefer to save their money for retirement. Maybe they prefer to use that money to provide their kids an education instead of healthcare. Maybe they want to buy a nicer car instead. Who knows?

The problem you have is that we as a society don't agree on what the best use of our money is yet. Clearly we agree it was wasted on this website so far. What other waste are we going to find? If we find too much problems with the system, we don't have an easy out when its run by the government. When it is run privately, we can take our money somewhere else. Don't like this hospital? There is another one down the road. Don't like this doctor, go to that one. Don't want to pay this money for all the options on that health care plan? Here is an alternative cheaper one that doesn't cover quite as much.

When you have the government run it you start losing the options. And you don't have the option to picking up your money and taking it elsewhere. Unless you are open to moving overseas.

Comment The easy solution? Keyword spam (Score 1) 1201

If you want your resume to be read by HR people (Remember, the programs used to sort through resumes use keywords), find job posts seeking people for the job you want, take all the keywords out of those job posts, and put them in your resume. Even if you have minimal experience in something, you can place the keyword in your resume in some context, even "Learning about ...." or whatever. I get calls ALL THE TIME seeking to interview me, and I'm convinced its because I keyword spam the heck out of my resumes.

If there is a stupid system, just figure out the system and use it to your advantage. The interview will sort you out if you aren't the type of worker they are looking for.

I started looking for a job and got one within 2 weeks, this was only a few months ago. It can be done.

Comment A Challenge! (Score 1) 27

So now that we know all this stuff the Bad Astronomer said, I want to lay down a challenge. I noticed the Bad Astronomer included no actual plume information. How tall ARE the plumes? How far away are they from each other? How did you calculate your figures? I won't be able to work on it until after my real work, but lets see if any enterprising Slashdot aficionado can come up with the info, preferably using math, not an online source. Don't make me break out my TI-86 and be the first to come up with the data!

Comment Re:So says the religious guy. (Score 2) 1237

I think you need to check your own science. You assertion that global warming as it is currently understood poses a threat to "human survival" is not based on any scientific assessment of Global Warming from any reputable source I have seen. You also need to understand the current difference in official policy between Democrats and Republicans is so small in actual effects on the environment as to be statistically insignificant. So we are back to the "You are mad because he is playing to a different base than you find yourself in" spot.

It's fine to find yourself with different political ideas than Santorum has, but take a few breaths and calm down. You'll have a happier life.

I find it amusing that you haven't been able to find any Democrat policies that will reverse Global Warming, eliminate the deficit or turn our economy around. So the 3 major problems facing our country today really aren't being addressed by the Democrat party. Don't you find that alarming?

Comment Re:So says the religious guy. (Score 1) 1237

Please, you all are framing the debate as if the Democratic party is pro science, and the Republicans anti. Please name the Democrat policy that will reverse global warming or make any noticeable difference in it. Please name the Democrat policy that will eliminate our deficit using numbers that reflect reality and not some political pipe-dream. Please name the Democrat policy that will actually help our economy turn around.

I don't see how Santorum is any worse than any other politician out there, except that he is playing to a different base than you prefer personally.

Comment Re:Nothing like sci fi (Score 1) 892

Incorrect. Comet tails receive their gases from ablation from the sun, but solar wind is what pushes it away from the sun. Solar wind is caused by charged particles, which do indeed produce drag. If they didn't, comets wouldn't have a tail, and instead would have a cloud of vapor going around them instead of going out in a tail. The drag may not be a lot for us right now, but if you travel close to the speed of light, the effects could become significant. Also you didn't address the benefits of deflecting kinetic and laser energy. Additionally, the ship may want to enter the upper atmosphere of a planet, perhaps to dump speed or to change vectors more quickly.

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