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Comment: Re:"Containment vessel" (Score 1) 1122

by dingo8baby (#35661382) Attached to: Things Get Worse at Fukushima
You'd have a much stronger argument if this report was verified by multiple sources, which very well may turn out to happen in the future. For now, however, you are putting as much blind faith in the guardian as your proclaimed "nuke-nuts" do as well. Being skeptical of the first piece of sensationalist journalism is not 'denialism', friend.

Comment: Re:"Containment vessel" (Score 1) 1122

by dingo8baby (#35661318) Attached to: Things Get Worse at Fukushima
not being a real scientist myself, i could be completely wrong here, but it is my understanding that responsible science is done with verification of data, not just blindly releasing data, as humans tend to err. So if TEPCO is making sure their data is correct and testing multiple times to see if the data is more likely to be verifiable, then it seems to me they are being much more responsible than the shock journalists that are more interested in getting people's attention rather than actually informing people of objective truth.

Comment: Re:"Containment vessel" (Score 1) 1122

by dingo8baby (#35659562) Attached to: Things Get Worse at Fukushima
but speculation is only just that: speculation. Any observer can give their opinions on what they think is going on inside, but to report their opinions is irresponsible. TEPCO is being intelligently smart about not releasing anything speculative, only presenting empirical data. Again, it's the alarmist tone of the news surrounding the nuclear incident that sickens my stomach.

Comment: Re:Can someone please answer this? (Score 1) 319

by dingo8baby (#30991930) Attached to: IE 8 Is Top Browser, Google Chrome Is Rising Fast
Seems like we have a lot of pot-calling-kettle-blacking going around in this thread. Nowhere in your article does it claim that the breach occurred inside Google's network. For all we know, the external workforce (DART, et al) that works for google outside their networks were victims of the IE6 exploit, had the malware infecting their computers, which had access to other systems in Google HQ. I think that might be unlikely, but still, there is not been any concrete explanation from any source. Seems just to be a lot of conjecture on both sides.

Comment: I think they are being too kind... (Score 1) 387

by dingo8baby (#30276446) Attached to: Are Ad Servers Bogging Down the Web?
And it's also not surprising that ad services might lag two, three or four years behind where these web technology companies are.

more like 10 years behind. Asking an Ad Vendor to provide me and my fellow developers with valid xhtml code got the response: "We only have iframe and javascript as our current available ad tags."

Brilliant people, these Ad Vendors.

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