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Comment: Die hard Mega Man fan (Score 2) 79

by din0 (#42337295) Attached to: Game Review: <em>Street Fighter X Mega Man</em>

I played it last night, it definitely brings back memories of the old NES days. 8-bit remixes of Street Fighter themes in Mega Man style is exactly what melts the hearts of old school gamers.

It took me a second to realize that my keyboard wasn't working because my joystick was plugged in (the game loads gamepads/joysticks before keyboard, so disconnect any unwanted input peripherals before starting the game) but after that, I went on to beat Chun Li and Ryu before I had to shut it down for the night and head to bed.

This is what games are supposed to be -- fun, crisp controls, frustratingly difficult in some areas yet keeps you interested and entertained, and most importantly, developed for GAMERS and not SHAREHOLDERS.

+ - Soap bubble screen is 'the world's thinnest display'->

Submitted by din0
din0 (2608929) writes "An international team produced a display that uses ultrasonic sound waves to alter film's properties and create either a flat or a 3D image.

The bubble mixture is more complex than the one sold in stores for children, but soap is still the main ingredient.

The team says the display is the world's thinnest transparent screen."

Link to Original Source

Comment: What about dating site apps? (Score 1) 459

by din0 (#39550537) Attached to: World's Creepiest iPhone App Pulled After Outcry
I'm not too proud to admit I was once a member of Okcupid and had a lot of success with it. A major feature with the phone app was that it notified you that other people were in your area (in my case, females in the area), but were of course restricted to just Okcupid profiles. It even notified you if someone was a close match to you was in the area. What's different about this app and the app from TFA?

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