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Comment Re: Their work is being wasted. (Score 1) 141

I doubt the poster meant to imply that there was some perfect security involved. I believe the poster just meant that it had not been audited, tested, or fixed to a reasonably acceptable level of security. Alluding to the idea that it does not matter in this core networked service because nothing is secure is counter productive and a bit clueless.
Oh wait, you didn't code for it did you? In that case: The architecture sucks and the implementation took pictures because it likes it like that. Sucky i mean.

Comment Why stop at divide by zero? (Score 1) 1067

Compilers and interpreters have been far too lazy for too long.. It is high time they start doing what we mean, not what we say.

  For instance non-addressable memory access could be quietly replaced with the previous memory access. Memory contents flagged as string could be used in any arithmetic using any base because the result is coerced into int 1, so as to always succeed. Recursive loops should just break out at some point so we can keep moving along into... umm, some other code? (-- seems reasonable).

Although, I am starting to think that anyone who means for things like that to happen is surely a dick.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 327


If your giving a presentation, your not going to convey more information by presenting more details. PowerPoint is bad, but not the problem. The fix in all cases is to teach people how to present. It should be taught in school. Once they get comfortable presenting with some skill, they will convey the knowledge and maybe even put some in the documents.

Comment Re:re I don't care (Score 1) 419

The motives of MS are fairly clear, they want it to be ordered with no options before they give up. But in the same vein of "it does not matter who said it, as long as it rings true", I see this as a good and true test of the long arm of federal data interrogation.
Does it really matter why? Their are not that many companies that can do this in a meaningful way. The fact that its Microsoft should not change the result that its being done. I have no particular love for them, but I do applaud them for making this public and tang the stand - even though it probably took thousands of man hours running hundreds of scenarios to come to this conclusion. An entity should be judged by their actions. They seem to be doing this.
At the same time, I would take this as evidence that MS is starting to see themselves as an underdog in the tech industry. They might not be wrong.

Comment Re: Yes you do. (Score 1) 541

The fact that a theory is racist does not make it untrue. The part where the author had to resort to purposefully misrepresenting the research to prop up his racist conjecture makes it untrue. I would think that's the majority of the researchers issues. Or do you suspect the researchers would have been OK with misrepresenting their research if it was used to support something like alternative fuels? Basically an ends justifies the means bit...

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