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Comment: Mountains of of molehills (Score 1) 1111

by digitalPhant0m (#46698255) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

Get some fucking perspective people. This guy's (small) donation had zero effect on the proposition's outcome, nor did it have any effect on the Mozilla foundation (before anyone knew about it). All of his contributions to Mozilla have been exemplary and accepted until someone found out he supported pop 8.

Someone took a non-issue and cried "biggot", in effect doing more harm to Mozilla and Brendan Eich than was done by the donation itself.

The "Moral Authority" that has convicted Brendan Eich is unleashing a powerful weapon and setting a terrifying precedent in the U.S.: exercise free speech (read lobbying, money as free speech) and be ostracised.

It is comical that the "Moral Authority" on this issue fights for "Equality" by denying to others.

Comment: Re:Lawmakers need to do the right thing (Score 1) 120

by digitalPhant0m (#46640747) Attached to: Social Media Becomes the New Front In Mexico's Drug War

A bottle of opium is only a government-subsidized $5 script away for most, which explains the growing problem with painkiller addiction.

Exactly This.
This is why the "war on drugs" exists in the first place. It's a knee jerk reaction to a justifiable fear of addiction.

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