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Comment: Re:Why (Score 1) 193

So because of the reasons you listed, there should be no competition?
Can we leave it to the consumer to decide which service they want, and what risks they are willing to take?
Can we leave it to the worker to decide which company they want to work for (taxi vs Uber, vs another line of work).?

I am just wondering who this is hurting by allowing competition, and by what criteria we/society decide that trade cannot happen between two consenting adults.

Comment: Re:I wonder why... (Score 1) 193

I wonder what the "people" say.
I'm not really interested in what the taxi companies, unions or politicians have to say.

If this is a detriment in some way to the general public, by all means get rid of it; I have yet to see a single anti-Uber post on here demonstrating how Uber is a bad thing.

If in fact it is bad for the consumer, or general public, why does the demand for the service keep the service running?

Comment: Re:The worst part is the polished turd that is Ube (Score 1) 193

Correct me if I'm wrong but nobody is forcing people to use Uber right?
And the Uber drivers are getting compensated fairy? (otherwise I would assume they would find employment elsewhere).

Simple supply and demand. When the demand gets high enough usually the laws change.

Just because something is Law by no means makes it just, right, or logical.

Comment: Unforeseen consequences (Score 2) 87

by digitalPhant0m (#49122469) Attached to: Can Tracking Employees Improve Business?

In the eyes of management and the bean counters, you are nothing more than a resource. You are a meat robot getting paid X to do 100% of Y. Simple.

In reality you happen to be a human that eats, poops, get's sick, has feelings, family etc and realize that nobody is 100% effect.

Labor will start to comply and do the best they can to track their time; however shortly after this management get's upset and chastises labor for only getting 75-80% of time tracked.

Shortly after the berating labor miraculously manages to track 100% of their time. The formula for labor becomes 8/Tasks = Time per task.

Management becomes happy.

(This scenario has been realized at every position I've been at in the last 10 years). ... I wonder what the management and the bean counters think when their overlords ask for the same thing?

Comment: Re:Excellent idea (Score 1) 779

by digitalPhant0m (#48962059) Attached to: WA Bill Takes Aim at Boys' Dominance In Computer Classes

I hope your questions are mostly rhetorical.

It's been coming for a long time and everyone has seen it coming. But the moment someone speaks out against it the Social Crusaders label that person as a racist, sexist, bigot, or privileged white male to silence and shame them.

The Social Equality crusade has been in effect for decades at least.
Things like Affirmative Action are down right discriminatory but are deemed necessary by Social Warriors in the name of Social Justice and/or Equality.

As the abundance of wealth in this country has spread and the sense of self entitlement has grown people have been whipped into a politically correct fervor and there is no sign of slowing down.

Survival of the fittest is now a thing of the past.
We live in a time where there is such an abundance of goods, medicine and food that we can pick and choose who will succeed and on what merit (or lack-thereof).

"Who alone has reason to *lie himself out* of actuality? He who *suffers* from it." -- Friedrich Nietzsche