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Comment: Re:Marijuana should be legalized (Score 1) 132 132

As someone who used to be opposed to legalization, I have to agree with you.

After many decades in the "war" on drugs, it seems that the "war" itself has done far more harm than good.
How many people have died on both sides of this supposed war? For what?
Victimless crimes like consuming marijuana?
For abusing one's own body?
Nearly all responsible drug use is a victim-less crime.

Live's are being ruined, real people are dying and violent crime is proliferated as a direct result of trying to enforce an ethical code.

It took me many years do counter all the programming by religion, public services ads and public schools to finally realize there is no logical reason for the prohibition.

I hope the lives of innocent people (on both sides of the argument) are worth your moral code.
Good luck with your war.

Comment: Re:Sexes ARE different, thankfully (Score 1) 599 599

It really makes me sad that you have to spell out for people something that is so basic and natural.

We all know it growing up but somewhere this basic knowledge of our symbiosis get's lost or challenged by adults who think they can reinvent our species merely by redefinition. Good luck with that.

Comment: Re:More dicks please (Score 2) 270 270

by digitalPhant0m (#49494897) Attached to: FBI Accuses Researcher of Hacking Plane, Seizes Equipment

Roberts are doing the public a great service by exposing this horrible security debacle.

But joking about possibly taking down a flight (which by all accounts he could possibly do) is no joke.
This guy needs to maintain some professionalism.

This is the same reason you can't scream "fire" in a movie theatre

The rate at which a disease spreads through a corn field is a precise measurement of the speed of blight.