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Comment: synopsis (Score 1) 148

by die standing (#45923913) Attached to: Physicists Claim First Observation of a Quantum Cheshire Cat
(theoretical physicists whiz kids waving hands really close in front of mr. Q's face)

"We're not touching you.... we're not touching you... we're not touching you.... haha hah haaha.. we're not touching you..."

Newsflash: Quantum Physicists Discover New Quantum State: ANNOYED - Story at 11.

Comment: Every planet (Score 1) 74

by die standing (#45647531) Attached to: Mars Rover Curiosity Finds Ancient Lakebed
is alive, every rock around and in every lakebed or former lakebed is alive; guess it just depends on how we see things - the rocks, the trees, the birds, the bees, the yous, the mees - are all alive - they/we are expressions of life - the life that has been breathed into the all-everything from the one LIFE; and the expression of life is not life.

Comment: Re:Due to Frank Wolf (Score 1) 283

What is: perhaps he believes he is illumined and doing the work of God to take civilization to better places and that polarity is the great controller and that he is practicing this principle of dividing universal equilibrium into pairs of oppositely-conditioned mates (USA vs. China) to create his own little sex-divided two way electric universe - eg. to be Frank, perhaps he is just a self-serving public servant opportunist that believes there is power to be had in being a catalyst for USA-China polarity? Alex?

Comment: yeahp (Score 1) 308

by die standing (#44899605) Attached to: To Boldly Go Nowhere, For Now
Man manufactures the money.. man manufactures the rockets... it's one gigantic manufactured masturbation - apparently sometimes humanity just gets horney and needs to get it's nut off by blasting some human into outer space in the name of progress. Ugh. Nevermind... I just happen to have a case of the Mondays on Friday... forget you ever read that... think it's time to go enjoy an ice cold bottle of suds.

Never say you know a man until you have divided an inheritance with him.