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Comment: Re:The Romans found out about lead (Score 1) 780

by dickens (#44493523) Attached to: NRA Launches Pro-Lead Website

Even I, a non-hunter, know that around here deer are normally killed with either a lead slug from a shotgun or with buckshot (notice the word "buck" in the name) which is a shell filled with 9 pellets each of which can contribute little shavings of lead into the meat.

I'm not sure it's legal to hunt deer with a rifle at any time in my state unless it's a herd-thinning thing.

Comment: tame complexity with useful abstractions (Score 2) 381

by dickens (#44124407) Attached to: Dr. Dobb's Calls BS On Obsession With Simple Code

Even very complex problems can be made to look simple at various levels of abstraction. Hiding complexity inside objects that represent real-world objects is a good way to make the code that uses those objects simpler.

In development, plan to do at least one major refactoring after the project is feature-complete to move complicatons in and out of abstractions, add new abstractions or collapse old old ones as needed to make things "feel good".

Comment: Re:And... (Score 1) 618

just got an "iHome" BT keyboard for my Nexus 10. Makes chopping through those email replies a lot faster on the road. I was going to get Poetic the keyboard-case thingy but decided I didn't want to carry the keyboard with me everywhere. Also this keyboard is wider than the tablet, so it's better to type on.

Comment: UNIX is pervasive but under the radar (Score 2) 366

by dickens (#43372127) Attached to: The 'Linux Inside' Stigma

When I finally put a stake in the heart of the SCO UNIX system that hosted our legacy accounting system, someone commented "so I guess UNIX is dead now, isn't it?" Then I pointed out that our server infrastructure was still Linux-based, and that the Google Apps we used ran on Linux, and that the NetSuite ERP system we use ran on Oracle Linux, and that the few macs we have were BSD Unix-based, and then the iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets and well, pretty much everything except the Windows desktops were UNIX-based. I think they were more confused rather than less after that explanation, but it felt good.

Comment: say something memorable (Score 1) 216

by dickens (#43340747) Attached to: FTC Awards $50k In Prizes To Cut Off Exasperating Robocalls

I get at least two or three calls a day on my employer-provided cell phone from someone who wants to lower my credit card rates. You have to press "1" to talk to someone about it. If you complain to them or ask who they're calling from they instantly hang up. Unless I'm very busy I always put the phone on speaker and press 1. Then I say hello to the human, and wait for them to say something. If there are other people in ear shot I'll take the phone off speaker and and stage-whisper "die in a fire!" into the phone before hanging up. If there's no one else around I will say something considerably more creative along the same lines. Something that will come to them in their dreams for weeks or months, I hope.

Worst case I cost them some minutes and lowered their rate of return.

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