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Comment: Re:India: Scammer country (Score 1) 210

by dickens (#47908907) Attached to: Turning the Tables On "Phone Tech Support" Scammers

It is kind of a shame. I worked at DEC for 18 years and I knew quite a few genius-level CS guys in the research and AD group where I worked.

But I think the wannabees followed them in. I finished my BS at Fitchburg State College where there are a dozen undergrads and 100 grad students in the CS dept, and almost all of the grad students were Indian. I went to a programming contest there, showed up 40 minutes late for a 2 hour contest, was the only one there writing in Java (because I was intent on learning it at the time) and took 5th place out of a field of 80.

Comment: Re:The Romans found out about lead (Score 1) 780

by dickens (#44493523) Attached to: NRA Launches Pro-Lead Website

Even I, a non-hunter, know that around here deer are normally killed with either a lead slug from a shotgun or with buckshot (notice the word "buck" in the name) which is a shell filled with 9 pellets each of which can contribute little shavings of lead into the meat.

I'm not sure it's legal to hunt deer with a rifle at any time in my state unless it's a herd-thinning thing.

Comment: tame complexity with useful abstractions (Score 2) 381

by dickens (#44124407) Attached to: Dr. Dobb's Calls BS On Obsession With Simple Code

Even very complex problems can be made to look simple at various levels of abstraction. Hiding complexity inside objects that represent real-world objects is a good way to make the code that uses those objects simpler.

In development, plan to do at least one major refactoring after the project is feature-complete to move complicatons in and out of abstractions, add new abstractions or collapse old old ones as needed to make things "feel good".

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just got an "iHome" BT keyboard for my Nexus 10. Makes chopping through those email replies a lot faster on the road. I was going to get Poetic the keyboard-case thingy but decided I didn't want to carry the keyboard with me everywhere. Also this keyboard is wider than the tablet, so it's better to type on.

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