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Comment Just watch anime... (Score 1) 664

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Anime...seriously. I'm not trying to be funny. I feel the same way about television and movies (have been for years, now), so I started watching more anime a couple of years ago. It seems to me that manga and anime is an 'anything goes' medium, where, for the most part, there's no telling what you'll witness next. I've seen a whole lot of very compelling stories that would satisfy anyone, no matter what their tastes are in entertainment. I try not to listen to the English dubs, though.

When you pick up an anime DVD, you really have NO IDEA what you might be getting into. Pick up any American movie, TV show, or animation, and you practically know exactly what's going to happen in the end; you're just getting the DVD to find out how they'll get there. That gets tiresome.

Basically, I'm saying that my expectations are a bit higher, so I no longer watch TV, except for the news. I don't listen to popular music, because it's all trash. I definitely don't go to the movies all too often, except to get out of the house with my girlfriend once in a while (she no longer enjoys movie theatres that much anymore, either). I basically just watch anime, and hum various pieces of anime theme music all day (because most of it's beautiful - you anime-lovers know what I'm talking about).

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