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Comment Re:On the Morton-Thiokol test range (Score 1) 320

Not the original naysayer, but I can answer those questions. I'll do half so others can prove their own inside info.

1) Charlie Murphy, self-taught electronics genius, designed nearly all the DIDACS hardware that plugged into the NEFF. So mostly likely him, working with Mark Momcilovich on the software side.

2) Doug Sprout, because it was on the PDP and not on Leonard's SEL system - but I don't know which PDP, probably Ernest?

If you were there, you'll know who I am by my slashdot username. :)

Comment Nice Feynman reference (Score 1) 235

Idiot Xians believe the Bible is infallible in detail, when the majority merely believes that it is a powerful, meaningful book that can lead to insight regarding both moral behavior and the history of the Jewish people and the Judeo-Christian faiths.

Idiot Buddhists worship Buddha as a deity, and idiot Jains don't understand the nature of atheistic religion, and idiot Jews think that all Xians are alike in their beliefs, and idiot atheists think that atheism is fundamentally incompatible with all religion. Idiot agnostics don't know what "agnostic" means (but they still come out the least idiotic in the idiot sweepstakes).

If you want the minimum number of idiots around you, join a Unitarian Universalist church. But sadly you'll find that "minimum number" does not actually equate to "zero."

Comment Re:On the Morton-Thiokol test range (Score 1) 320

As I remember it, Boisjoly and a couple other engineers told their management "if you launch lives will be lost." The Mormons (which is what we called corporate upper management after Morton Salt bought out Thiokol) called NASA and said "our engineers say you mustn't launch" to which the NASA boys replied "we know what we are doing, don't worry about it". The Mormons told the engineering staff "we talked to NASA, they say it's OK, they will launch". Boisjoly, believing that the Salt Boys (another nickname for corporate) hadn't conveyed the severity of the situation to NASA, then called NASA himself and said "if you launch lives will be lost". At which point NASA said "sure, sure, thanks for calling" and then immediately called the Salt Jockeys and said "You have a loose cannon and you need to tie it down immediately, shut this asshole up". Then they launched and killed seven astronauts, which ruined the President's speech celebrating the first teacher in space, but luckily Peggy Noonan was able to quickly plagiarize John Magee's poem High Flight to provide a new speech in response to the disaster.

Of course it was a long time ago, but that's how I remember it going down. I was working at the Elkton plant, so I wasn't directly involved with shuttle SRBs.

Comment Cameras are so, so tiny these days (Score 4, Insightful) 233

You cannot physically enforce security of code sources you are allowing people to see - unless you are going to have them work entirely naked, under constant physical observation, with full body cavity searches every time they enter or leave the workroom.

Hire someone trustworthy, pay them well, and have them work on-site. That is the path to success. Anything else is almost guaranteed to create the situation you're trying to avoid; paranoia breeds dissent and distrust breeds subterfuge.

Comment Re:MOD PARENT UP (Score 1) 388

Delaware? The state that's home to every 30 percent credit card in the country?

I'm afraid I don't know if that's true or false. Is there a reason I should care either way?

I'll note in passing that libertarians usually support the idea that lenders should be able to charge whatever interest the customer agrees to pay, though.

Comment Re:Why the emphasis on Lets Encrypt? (Score 5, Informative) 123

Most other CAs have cert lifetimes of a year (or longer). Then the question surfaces - how useful is cert revocation? Do all TLS clients check for cert revocation?

Most SSL/TLS clients do not check for a relevant CRL. The few that do (such as Firefox and other web browsers) typically require configuration and won't check for revocation by default out of the box.

In contrast, nearly all SSL/TLS clients that I am aware of (certain MTAs being an exception) will refuse to use an expired certificate unless specifically instructed to do so by the end user. So expiration is more likely to have an effect than revocation.

Comment MOD PARENT UP (Score 3, Interesting) 388

I don't know what situation would really require a switchblade, either, but I think that's a poor reason to make them illegal. Needing to have a compelling reason for things to be legal is a shitty way to run a society. Things should only be made illegal if there is an overwhelmingly compelling reason to do so.

Base principle of effective government right there.

Complexity is the enemy of reliability, and when laws are most numerous, the state is most corrupt (with sincere apologies to Alan Robertson, Tacitus, and Sun Tzu).

The Georgists who moved to Arden, Delaware with the same basic idea as the Free Staters (that is, to go to a small state where their ideas would have more impact on society) had a long-term positive effect on the area, reaching even beyond Delaware's borders. People who are willing to pull up roots and work in order to achieve their ideas - people who are willing to strive towards their goals - sometimes build vibrant, dynamic and productive communities... although not always, as the ruins of Salubria and Icaria attest.

Comment Re:Philosophy is science's retarded parent (Score 1) 207

So you don't suffer from this same failing?

I actively try not to, as opposed to wallowing in it the way the superstitious and religious do, which I find at turns amusing and sad, not that it matters.

And why do you think you need to help?

I don't. Not sure what you're talking about there. You might want to elaborate.

and who are you to "improve"?

Hmmm. I pointed out a cause and a consequence, along with one possible factor that can reduce the cause, and thus, perhaps, the consequence. I have no idea how you got from that to where you seem to be now.

If someone feels happy because he/she believes one plus one is three, who are you to say it's wrong?

Oh, it's not me that says its wrong. It's the universe that says it's wrong. If you think one plus one is three, that's perfectly fine with me. I don't require that anyone in particular try to actually grasp objective reality other than myself. I didn't even require that of my kids.

If pursuit of happiness is the goal, there is nothing that states that one must follow the path of science.

I completely agree. If jumping off a cliff makes you happy, or self flagellation does, or maintaining that one plus one is three does... awesome. You go, fella. :)

It's all about personal choice. The way I see it, you, and anyone else for that matter, should be perfectly free to make any choice you like as long as it doesn't infringe on the liberties of others, or otherwise cause harm to a non-consenting, and/or uninformed person or persons. That's my entire metric, right there, aside from animal cruelty issues, which I regard similarly.

It doesn't change anything I said, though. Doing what you want in pursuit of whatever it is you want to pursue is a whole 'nuther thing than having a clue about what you're doing.

Clear now?

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