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Submission + - White House petition to freeze to your credit report ( 1

dhjdhj writes: Everybody should freeze their credit reports. It's essentially free to do and stops identity theft before it happens!

I've created a White House petition that would require the credit reporting bureaus to automatically freeze credit reports for everyone impacted by a breech. This is much better than offering "monitoring" which will (a) only tell you about a request AFTER the fact when it's too late and (b) require you to pay fees after your "free period".

So far I've only gotten 40 signatures — it needs 150 signatures just to be visible publicly and it needs 100,000 signatures for the White House to actually respond to it.

I don't have that many friends — please help get the word out — this helps EVERYONE. After you sign the petition, freeze your own credit report!

Comment Re: Can you say... (Score 1) 266

I can't talk generally about drugs that are advertised on TV but I will say that it is a mistake to assume that the doctor knows everything. Apart from the old joke ("what do you call a student who comes last in medical school? Doctor!"), like computer science and many other domains, there's simply too much too learn. So if an educated consumer (and you need to be educated if you're dealing with medical issues) says to a doctor that he or she would like to be on a particular drug, the doctor should either be able to say yes or no (and why not if no) or do the research to be able to answer the question or refer patient to someone else who does know about the topic.

Comment Why users drop open source (Score 1) 891

It's really much simpler than people here think ---- most working people value their time and in such cases it is simply far more efficient to purchase a product that "just works" than to spend many hours (if not days or long) futzing with an open source product that has to be installed, is fiddley, and, quite often, just doesn't finish what it has started. The actual cost of a commerical product is generally negligible compared to other factors in play. If you're in the open source world, you're not motivated by money, at least not directly. Therefore, that last 10% that takes 90% of the effort often doesn't happen. It's why the user interface of products like the gimp don't come close to commerical products like photoshop or the many other commerical image processing apps out there. It's why that community does not understand the priorities of most users. Most (i.e., of) users just don't care about the "joy" of the open source world, and even many who are technically knowledgeable (I'm one of those) just don't want to spend a significant amount of their time trying to make other peoples' stuff work. Apple understands this deeply. The technical community "laughed" when Apple finally included copy/paste in the iPhone. But instead of chuckling about Apple being late to the table, they should have understood that Apple recognized that most users just didn't need the feature. How many people do you think choose not to buy an iPhone because it didn't have copy/paste? Very few. Apple (and most successful companies) understand what motivates general users. Most of the technical community does not.

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