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Comment: Re:I don't see how this is a "Poor Google" situati (Score 1) 312 312

by dhammabum (#49433707) Attached to: Google, Apple and Microsoft Squirm As Global Tax Schemes Scrutinized

You shouldn't feel guilt about thwarting Google displaying the ads.

You should maybe feel a teensy bit of guilt over the fact that you are using an ad-supported site which derives its revenue from displaying Google ads to its visitors, in lieu of a subscription fee.

Google should maybe feel a teensy bit of guilt over the fact that it is using government infrastructure and services which derive from tax imposed on corporations [and citizens], in lieu of a subscription fee.

Comment: dogs (Score 3, Interesting) 50 50

by dhammabum (#48332549) Attached to: Bats Can Jam Each Other's Ultrasonic Signals

I remember when I was a kid we had two basset hounds, mother and son. The son wasn't too bright. They would both get a bone, the mother would eat hers quickly and the son would doddle. She would then rush at the gate, barking furiously (at no one). The son would run up and start barking too. The mum would then double back and get his bone.

Fair enough, she wasn't using sonar but it was "competitive interference among individuals of the same species."

Comment: Re:USA, the land of freedom (Score 5, Insightful) 304 304

by dhammabum (#47052067) Attached to: Why Lavabit Shut Down

OK, I'll bite - so just because other countries abuse people's rights, that makes the abuse of the US courts and government OK? The point is: most other countries abusing such rights don't hypocritically pretend to be "the land of the free." Except the UK, of course. Once this may have been true for the US but that time has long gone.

Comment: Re:It's a fucking cockroach (Score 1) 512 512

by dhammabum (#45066799) Attached to: Cyborg Cockroach Sparks Ethics Debate

Not always. We once lived in an inner-city neighbourhood with a high cockroach population. Didn't matter how clean we were (and we were clean, plugged holes in walls, made sure there was no water, etc) they still came in just from population pressure. Not much you can do if they crawl up through the drains.

Comment: Re:Fail To See The Point (Score 1) 116 116

by dhammabum (#42110265) Attached to: Dual Interface Mobile Devices To Address BYOD Issue

This happens all the time. Not so much selling the info to competitors but sales people taking their client's info when they leave the company, often to go work for a competitor. There is also people losing their phones along with corporate data. Best that data never leave the premises.

Comment: Re:UN takeover must be stopped? (Score 1) 454 454

by dhammabum (#40176659) Attached to: UN Takeover of Internet Must Be Stopped, US Warns

I was being facetious - every government wants to control whatever they can. While I would rather no one controls the Internet, and having Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and Iran guiding matters would be disastrous, it is probably only a matter of time when the game will be over, the Internet becomes just another tool of governments and corporations, and we'll all have to go home. I do despair....

Comment: open standards for hardware (Score 5, Informative) 46 46

by dhammabum (#40105789) Attached to: Why Open Compute Is a Win For Rackspace

They have some really good ideas for rack/server design - eg they reckon they are getting 34% power saving by supplying 12V DC to buses in the racks so servers don't need individual power supplies and with improved cooling paths.

Manufacturers won't standardise unless they are pushed like rackspace is doing. This is a big advance.

Comment: Re:MPAA / RIAA Astroturfers Unite! (Score 1) 219 219

by dhammabum (#39708063) Attached to: Aussie Case Unlikely To Solve Piracy Riddle In Fast Broadband World

Really? You think all these pro-*AA comments are genuinely held views? And knowing the pathetic efforts the *AAs make to twist the debate? It makes a lot of sense to me astroturfing would be their next attack point. Though I agree, /. is an unlikely venue, but they are so clueless, they could easily waste effort here. Though not money, apparently. ;-)

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