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Submission + - circumcise to prevent HIV?

sas-dot writes: Nature reports that the United Nations (UN) has recommended circumcision as a means of reducing the risk of HIV infection in heterosexual men. The announcement should pave the way for African governments to incorporate the practice into their AIDS-prevention strategies.

"The evidence is now really quite conclusive that male circumcision is effective in preventing HIV infection in heterosexually exposed males," says Kevin De Cock, director of the World Health Organization's (WHO) department of HIV/AIDS. "The effectiveness is approaching 60%."

Feed EMI music on iTunes -- now DRM free and higher quality (

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It's been rumored for weeks and now, just as the Wall Street Journal predicted, EMI music is now DRM-free. True to his word, Steve Jobs has "embraced it in a heartbeat" making it available for download from Apple's iTunes store, first, starting in May. It's taken so long but now, even (one of) the Big Four realizes that DRM fails to prevent piracy yet succeeds at being an unnecessary nuisance for the vast majority of law abiding consumers. Bravo EMI, bravo. Now it's your turn to vote with your dollars. We'll see just how long the remaining majors can claim that removing DRM is "completely without logic or merit."

Update: And now for the specifics: iTunes customers will have the choice of 256kbps, non-DRM'ed tracks for $1.29 per, or the same songs in regular 128kbps AAC locked up all nice and tight with FairPlay for the usual 99 cents. What's more, any EMI tunes you've ever downloaded from the store can be upgraded to the new, higher-quality versions for just 30 cents apiece.

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Comment Re:Windows games (Score 1) 392

I don't want to add a "me too" comment but I'm a true story of failed Linux Migration.
I deleted everything on my home computer and moved to Suse (my first time exposure).

I was in awe of the interface and the wealth of customization available for the interface.

But...I'm an avid gamer and couldn't:

1- Get my ATI Radeon 9700 Pro work flawlessly with the computer.
2- Get wine to play games.
3- Couldn't find my fav titles for Linux. Quake 3 is a bit too old now. :)

But worry not, an old PC is now a perm Linux machine AND an additional hardrive gives me the linux exposure.
Get games to work on Linux I would switch in a heart beat! I kid you not.

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